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Location is Everything: Geocode to Success with ArcGIS


“Where is the restaurant located?” In answer to that question, my friend pulled up a map on his cell phone to direct me there. Watching this, I marveled at how important mapmaking is to humans and human history. From ancient … Continue reading

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Esri and PubNub Collaborate on Real-Time Location Strategy Technology for Developers of Next Gen Mapping and Analytics Apps

Esri Tracking PubNub Function App

Esri and PubNub have joined forces to bring geospatial developer tools, global maps, and data capabilities to PubNub Functions, making it easy to harness the power of Esri’s mapping APIs and apply it to realtime data. With just a few … Continue reading

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Major Enhancements to Esri World Geocoding service! (June 2017)

Big Enhancements to Geocoding

The ArcGIS Online World Geocoding service update that was released last night is not just another regular data update. It’s a major release with significant enhancements. This blog will guide you through some of the new features and improvements you … Continue reading

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Updating Location Description Information

I was talking to a utility the other day about hydrants and sharing the location of out of service hydrants. The problem they had was that the hydrants had really bad location descriptions. They have coordinates, points, but the peopling wanting the data just want to see a list of the hydrants and information about where they are located. I thought about this for a while and it dawned on me, what a great use of reverse geocoding. You can easily reverse geocode all the hydrants and apply the addresses found to the location description field. If you need to apply location descriptions, give it a shot. Here is a link to a function to batch reverse geocode. Would I think would be cool if you could change this function so it would not only get an address, but if the hydrant was within a certain distance from an intersection, it would use the intersection not the address information for the description field. Maybe this is something ArcGIS Team water can work on. Let us know if you think this would help you.


 ArcGIS Team Water

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