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Esri and the Science Community: Updated


See important updates to the blog post Esri and the Science Community, including new information on the many projects and initiatives in place to support science and scientists. In the post, science community refers to researchers and practitioners within universities, … Continue reading

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Esri and the Science Community


Shawn Otto, CEO and cofounder of ScienceDebate.org recently pointed out: “We are poised over the next 40 years to create as much new knowledge as we have in the past 400 years. At the same time, our major unresolved policy … Continue reading

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How is GIS Meeting the Needs of Ocean (and other) Sciences? Plus, Minus, Interesting…


Among the most important activities at the Esri Oceans Summit (November 7–8, 2012; see prior blog post 1 and prior prior blog post 2) were the breakout groups, where participants were called upon to identify major barriers to the use … Continue reading

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Spatial Sampling in the Ocean: A Modest Proposal


At the Esri Oceans Summit there were several “hallway conversations” about a lack of spatial sampling tools in ArcGIS and how this had led people to use Hawth’s Tools (now Geospatial Modelling Environment) and other approaches in order to perform … Continue reading

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Stay Connected with the Oceans & Maritime Communities with an RSS Feed


As you know, Esri is seeking to serve user communities across many application domains by way of the ArcGIS Resource Center. The Oceans community therein is THE place to connect in order to keep up with the latest and greatest … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 10 for Java and Linux developers

All of our teams have made a tremendous effort to make ArcGIS 10 a very special release. This week, the Java team posted some videos and demo code to highlight some of the changes they’re including.

Java Add-ins for ArcGIS Desktop

ArcGIS 10′s brand new Add-ins overhaul the way extensions to ArcGIS Desktop work and have garnered a lot of interest for their ease of use and deployment. The video “Add-ins for ArcGIS Desktop” shows you all you need to know to create and deploy a Java Add-in from scratch.

Server Object Extensions using Java

ArcGIS 10′s Server Object Extensions have been improved based on your feedback, allowing access via REST as well as SOAP. And you can now register and unregister SOEs via ArcGIS Server Manager, which will also auto-discover newly deployed SOE jar files. There are the usual documentation resources, but the Java team has put together a quick video walkthrough of deploying SOAP services for SOEs.

ArcGIS Server Web ADF

On the ADF side there are both performance and usability enhancements and there’s a video to show you how to best make use of these performance-tuning features at ArcGIS 10. There’s also a video and an accompanying sample that demo how to use the new Dojo Widgets and event hooks to make your JavaScript apps that much slicker.

Linux and ArcGIS Server

Lastly, let’s not forget all the work that’s gone into ArcGIS Server on Linux. There have been improvements in performance, stability and server management for ArcGIS Server 10 on Linux with some serious scalability work and testing going on. Check out the Java Blog’s post for more details on improved failover behavior and scripts to ease cache generation.

Additional Resources

There are more Java code samples and videos for you to check out over in the Java Resource Center, including their Java-specific “What’s coming in ArcGIS 10″ overview video.

– Nick

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New Products, Websites, Community Resources, Samples, Videos…

As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of activity at ESRI these days.  So just to keep you up to date, here’s a quick list of what’s new and where to find it.

New MapIt Product (product info, demos and videos)

New MapIt Resource Center

Updated Silverlight/WPF API Resource Center 

New ArcGIS Explorer Release (learn what’s new)  

Updated ArcGIS Explorer Resource Center

Don’t forget to update your RSS feeds!

EDN Team

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ArcGIS Resource Centers: Code Gallery Blog Series

We would like to introduce this new blog series for the ArcGIS Resource Centers.

This series focuses specifically on the Resource Center Code Galleries.  It will cover a wide range of topics including tips and tricks on how to use the galleries, posts highlighting new content, website updates, and hints on how to work with the galleries more effectively. 

We’ll also be showcasing some of the best entries here as well, so be sure to stay tuned. 

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the Resource Centers, you may want to review this article to learn more about the key features.

Let’s first get started with a little Q/A. 

What are the code galleries?
What galleries are avaiable?
What can I do with the galleries?
    View it Live

What are the code galleries?

The code galleries are an online collaboration tool that you can use to share code and exchange ideas with others in the community. 

If you browse the entries, you’ll find they contain a wide range of applications and samples.  Some are short, specific examples of how to accomplish a given task, while others are more elaborate solutions to real-world problems.  Others include code for applications that were shown in presentations at the DevSummit .  

What galleries are available?

In total, there are 16 galleries available for a number of different developer communities:   

ArcGIS Desktop and Engine: .NET  Java
ArcGIS Server:  .NET ADF  Java ADF  JavaScript API  JSAPI for Google  JSAPI for VE  Flex  Silverlight
ArcGIS Mobile:  .NET

 Model and Script
Business Analyst Extension:  Desktop  Server

Water Utilities: Template


What can I do with the galleries?

Browse for Entries

1.  Navigate to one of the Code Galleries above.
Select a field (name, rating, date added…) to sort the entries.
Select the entry itself to get more information.


Search for Entries

1.  Navigate to one of the Code Galleries.
2.  Type in a key word in the Search box at the top.

3.  Filter your results by selecting the “Code Gallery” node.


View an Entry “Live”

1.  Find the sample of interest.
2.  If the “View it Live” link is available, click on the link.

 Tip:  This feature is only enabled if the author who uploaded the entry specified a URL to the application online or a URL to a video that demonstrates how the application works.  

Download an Entry 

Find the sample of interest.
Click on the download link.


Upload an Entry

1.  Package all of your code, data and a Readme.txt file in one .zip file (max size 30 MB).
Go to the appropriate code gallery and create a new entry.
Fill out the information for your submission (title, description and requirements…) and submit.


Tip:  You will need to create or login to your ESRI Global Account to upload a sample.  If you don’t have one, go here.  

Leave Feedback
1. Log in with your ESRI Global Account and click the rating star.
2. Leave comments at the bottom of the entry.

Tip: If you download code, you might also want to subscribe to the RSS feed so you can be notified of any new comments!  Authors often post helpful information here or they’ll make a post when changes are made to the code or new versions are available. 

In Conclusion

Whether you are just browsing for a solution or you would like the upload and share something with the community, the code galleries are an important resource for everyone. 

Tip:  If you want to know when new entries are made, be sure to subscribe to the RSS feeds for each gallery so you are notified automatically.  

Lastly, if you have any feedback on the galleries, feel free to leave them on the gallery pages themselves or on this post as well. 

Thank you. 
EDN Team 


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Media Galleries come to the Resource Centers

We are proud to announce that we have recently updated the Resource Centers to include Media Galleries!  The main resource you will find in the galleries are videos, but you might also find Power Point Presentations and code files that are associated with certain entries.

  Media Galleries

These videos are classified into three categories :

  • Presentations: Recordings from various conferences and public events
  • How to: Get a tour through various code gallery entries or learn how to accomplish specific programming tasks
  • ESRItv: get a behind the scenes look at our software straight from the development teams

So far, the following community areas have galleries:

ArcGIS API for JavaScript
ArcGIS JavaScript Ext. for the Google Maps
ArcGIS JavaScript Ext. for Microsoft Virtual Earth
ArcGIS API for Flex
.Net ADF
Java ADF
ArcGIS Mobile
ArcGIS Desktop
Model and Script
ArcGIS .Net Engine
ArcGIS Java Engine
Water Utilities

So be sure to visit the galleries and take a peek.  We have more videos on the way, but feel free to provide feedback through ratings and comments.  And lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feeds so you can be automatically notified of activity on the site.  

Thank you!


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ESRI Resource Centers – New Face lift

The ESRI Resource Centers received a face lift yesterday. Here’s a list of some of the key enhancements:

New look and feel 

New Resources Gateway page

New Water Utilities Resource Center 

Improved Navigation 
- Single-browser, in-page navigation
- Breadcrumbs

Improved Menus 
- Organization
- Forward and back menus


Please feel free to send the Resource Center Team feedback so we can further improve the user experience!








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