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“Real time” Story Map Tours


Story Map Tour is a popular Story Map, ideal for presenting a set of photos or other media along with captions, linked to an interactive map. It has been used to author interesting tours such as Places to Go in San Diego, … Continue reading

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What’s New in Operations Dashboard (December 2017)


At-a-glance decision making with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS We are very excited to announce that Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS has moved out of beta and is now released! It is included with your ArcGIS Online subscription and will be available … Continue reading

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS – A New Experience Is Coming!

Operations Dashboard

A brand new experience is coming to Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS and we are looking for you to provide us feedback as we launch beta this fall! Sign up on the Operations Dashboard Product Page so you don’t miss what’s … Continue reading

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Opening New Possibilities with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS


The version 10.3.1 release of Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS opens up new possibilities for you to create and share powerful, focused dashboards within your organization. Rolling out with the latest update to ArcGIS Online, Operations Dashboard includes some updates to … Continue reading

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Special Weather Presentation at Esri UC 2015


Weather is a factor that can seriously impact your business, and having accurate information in a timely manner can help you make better decisions.  We have a special presentation, AccuWeather: Weather, GIS and Big Data, planned this year at Esri … Continue reading

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS – Using Public Operation Views


During the evening of Monday, March 2, 2015, ArcGIS Online updated. That’s the beauty of the Cloud – it just updates for you. A lot of great new features came into the platform and you can find out everything that … Continue reading

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Liven up your map tours using “real-time” data


A previous post detailed how you can use live web cams (actually snapshots from live web cams) to author dynamic “real-time” story maps. These add an interesting context to any story map, and make it more relevant for telling certain … Continue reading

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What is the ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server?

Maybe you’ve heard, there’s a new extension for ArcGIS for Server Standard and Advanced available at ArcGIS 10.2. It’s called ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server and it expands the capabilities of ArcGIS allowing you to Continue reading

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Getting Started with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

A few weeks ago we held a Live Training Seminar introducing the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Monitoring Data Using Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is available on the Esri Training web site so if you missed it you can sign in with your Esri Global account and watch it now! There were a lot of great questions asked over the course of the day and unfortunately we could not answer all of them during the Q&A. Continue reading

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Heightening Situational Awareness During Floods Events

Prepared by: Fernando Salas, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Texas at Austin
Special thanks to Dr. David Maidment (CRWR), Dr. Stefan Fuest and Matt Ables (KISTERS), and Dan Siegel (Esri) for their individual contributions to the design and implementation of the Central Texas HUB.

The central Texas corridor, better known as “Flash Flood Alley,” is one of the most flood prone regions in the United States. In fact, Texas regularly leads the nation in flood fatalities and flood related property damage each year. During a flash flood, rapidly changing water levels can trap both emergency responders and citizens with little to no warning. In order to mitigate risk to residents and infrastructure, citizens and emergency responders need to exhibit “real-time” situational awareness to respond proactively instead of reactively. With the emergence of the internet, mobile communication networks and social media, it is now possible to quickly disseminate information to a vast audience in “real-time.” Furthermore, the emergence of GIS technology and web services has facilitated the creation of easily understandable map applications that readily convert data into actionable intelligence.

Flooding in Central Texas

Continue reading

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