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The Author, Contractor and some Managers: A Tale of Roles and Privileges


What do submarine sandwiches and ArcGIS Online have in common? They’re better with custom roles. What a knee slapper?!? Custom roles are a helpful tool that enable administrators to fine-tune the capabilities and levels of access that their ArcGIS Online … Continue reading

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Simplified management of user privileges @ 10.1

A key focus of ArcGIS 10.1 is to simplify and streamline how you work with databases and geodatabases. We have listened to enhancement requests from you and developed easy-to-use interfaces for routine administration tasks such as managing privileges.

If you are the owner of a dataset, you can control which users can view or modify data in a database or geodatabase with privileges on datasets. Privileges can be set by user or by roles. Roles are a handy way to group users who have common workflows and responsibilities and should share a common set of privileges.

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