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Get to the Point (On Your Map) – September 2017

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Have dots on your map? Need to travel to them? No worries. Web map pop-ups are here! Web maps are central to communicating across an organization. They are shared across core ArcGIS apps, web app templates, and custom apps. Pop-ups … Continue reading

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Best Practices for using Tile Layers as Operational Layers


Complex global geometries can sometimes be slow to draw in web apps, especially if the data includes multiple countries with islands, long coastlines, and jagged boundaries. Make tile layers your operational layer type of choice to optimize drawing performance of complex geometries at small … Continue reading

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Using color in web map pop-ups


Using color in your web map pop-ups can add more meaning and context to the information presented within them, and make your pop-ups more appealing. Here’s an example from a past election map showing the voting results. The use of color … Continue reading

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Using URL parameters in pop-ups


URL parameters are a handy way to pass information from one web page to another. The ArcGIS Online map viewer takes the ID of the web map to open as a URL parameter, and ArcGIS Online web maps can make … Continue reading

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Printing Popups from Web Application

Sample multi-page pdf with feature attributes

Great! I got your attention… There are good and bad news. The bad news is that – inherently printing service does not support popups. Popups are client side UI controls to display attributes for selected features. Sometimes attributes are not … Continue reading

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Use Photos or Logos in your Maps

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Use photos and logos to make visually appealing, easy to understand maps. A simple picture in a pop-up provides additional context to the map subject. Logos provide easy visual clues to location and make for better looking maps and legends. … Continue reading

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Crafting custom attribute displays in pop-ups


An important part of authoring good web maps is configuring pop-ups for layers. Pop-ups can be edited by opening up More Options on the layer: Then choosing  Configure Pop-up: There are several options to choose from when configuring the pop-up … Continue reading

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Sending email from web map pop-ups


Email can be sent directly from web map pop-ups using pop-up configurations. Which configuration approach is best will be determined by how the email addresses are stored in the layer attributes. This post shows you how to send an email … Continue reading

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Smart quotes vs. plain quotes in text and CSV files


When importing .txt or .csv file in your ArcGIS Online web map something to consider is the use of smart quotes and apostrophes (also called “curly” or “book”) vs. plain ones. For example, if smart apostrophes are used, you will … Continue reading

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Using Dropbox files in ArcGIS Online web maps


If you’re a Dropbox user there’s a number of ways that you can use Dropbox files with your ArcGIS Online web maps. Here’s a few tips and details on how. Using Dropbox share links Dropbox share links provide access to … Continue reading

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