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Bring Your Points to Life with GIF Symbols


You can easily transform your maps by using a custom image as your point symbol in ArcGIS Online. But did you know that you can create animated point symbols using the same technique?

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Thematic point clustering for data exploration

Clustering in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is enabled outside the renderer, so clusters retain renderer properties and summarize the variable of interest on a cluster-by-cluster basis. In the example above, New York City 311 calls are visualized by the time of day each incident was reported. Cluster colors indicate the predominant time of day incidents were reported among features comprising the cluster.

Extracting meaningful information from large or dense point datasets can be challenging. Sometimes many points aren’t visible because they’re stacked on top of one another. Some datasets contain sparse data in some locations, but very dense data in others. Visualizations … Continue reading

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Point Support in ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 10.3

The ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 10.3 expands the BIS’s capabilities beyond supporting raster datasets.  Users can now utilize the solution to store and work with bathymetric point feature classes!

All of the existing possibilities for filtering and applying surface modeling rules based on metadata characteristics to develop surface models can be applied to point feature classes.  In addition, the release also includes two new geoprocessing tools to help users maximize the value of using their bathymetric point data within the solution. Continue reading

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Collector v10.2 is coming soon!

There have been a number of questions coming in about the next update for Collector and we are happy to announce that we are putting the finishing touches on an update now and it should be in your hands later this month!

Here is a preview of what is coming… Continue reading

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New shapes point symbolset

With the latest ArcGIS Online update you will find new symbols for points. The Shapes symbolset offers yet more options that you can choose from, and have been specifically designed with canvas basemaps in mind. You will find them among the list of available symbols in the ArcGIS.com map viewer and  Explorer Online:

They provide some vibrant choices for your maps.

For more information see the displaying features help topic.

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