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Introducing ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise Collaboration Workflows Part 1: Data Publication


Sharing content between ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise just got better with the June 2017 and 10.5.1 releases. Prior to these recent releases, it was possible to reference and use layers that were hosted in ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online Organization Configuration Tips

ArcGIS Online

There are many ways to configure and administer an ArcGIS Online organization and each method will be unique to that organization’s needs. This blog will point out some best practices and workflows frequently recommended by Technical Support to further streamline … Continue reading

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Add an image gallery (with links) to your organization home


Your organization home contains several key sections that you can customize to reflect your own unique look and feel. These include the background image, organization banner, featured gallery, and description. The Organization Description on the home page can include text … Continue reading

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Add a button to your organization home page


As an Administrator you can easily configure the look and feel of your organization’s home page. Using basic knowledge of HTML and CSS you can customize your home page further, and can add one or more buttons that can open … Continue reading

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A great organization home page


Your organization home is a reflection on your GIS organization, and the work that you do. First impressions count, and an attractive site (and of course one with great maps, apps, and information products) says a lot about who you … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online admin tools available on GitHub


Your organization’s admin console provides a core set of tools that administrators can use to manage users, items, and groups.  These tools are well suited for the regular administrative tasks, but there is sometimes a need for enhanced functionality not … Continue reading

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Background image tips for organization home sites


One of the new capabilities introduced with the December 2012 ArcGIS Online update was the ability to set a custom background for your organization’s home site. This provides flexibility in tailoring your organization’s home page look and feel. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Improving your organization’s home page graphics


With an ArcGIS Online subscription, organizations can customize the look and feel of their home site. You can change the graphics, the featured content ribbon, gallery contents, and more. In a previous post we provided an overview of how to … Continue reading

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Graphic design principles for mapping: Figure-ground Organization

By Aileen Buckley, Mapping Center Lead

Figure-ground thumbnail

There are a number of design principles that are very useful to map makers. These can help your map readers to recognize the symbols on your map and understand what they mean — the very basis for map use. One of these is called figure-ground organization. Your mind and eye work together to organize what you see into two contrasting perceptual impressions: the figure on which your eye settles, and the amorphous ground below or behind it. This spontaneous separation of a visual array is one of the things you can promote to add visual hierarchy to the various features on your map and elements on your page. In fact, Dent et al. (1999, p. 215) state:

“There is probably no perceptual tendency more important to cartography design than figure and ground organization.”

Continue reading

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