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Ocean pH Modeled with Latest CMIP5 Data

Assessment Report 5 (AR5) offers opportunities to model the marine environment and its wide range of biophysical ocean variables, improving AR4 ocean model shortcomings (Griffies et al., 2010; Mora et al., 2013). More than 40 variables are available from limited GCM runs, and processing of some biogeochemical models is now available for application through Esri ArcGIS tools and namely SimCLIM for ArcGIS/Marine. The currently available variables include sea surface temperature, net primary productivity of carbon by phytoplankton; and dissolved nitrate concentration a; dissolved oxygen concentration; pH; dissolved phosphate concentration; total alkalinity; dissolved iron concentration; and dissolved silicate concentration, all at the surface. For more information see www.climsystems.com

Posted on behalf of and authored by Dr. Peter Urich, Managing Director of CLIMsystems Ltd. Esri’s Silver Business Partner CLIMsystems Ltd., located in Hamilton, New Zealand, has been exhaustively researching and processing the latest ocean data from the Coupled Model … Continue reading

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