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Stream Gauges Map Goes Global!


Since incorporating the Live Stream Gauge Map into the Community Maps program, a number of state and county governments have contributed their gauge networks to the map, and now, we’ve added the first set of international contributors. Real-time stream gauge … Continue reading

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Asia & Australia SRTM 30 m in Esri World Elevation Services

SRTM 30 Asia & Aus

Esri World Elevation Layers  are enhanced with more detailed void-free 1 arc second (~ 30 meters) SRTM data for Asia and Australia. The Australian DEM (DEM-S), which is a cleaned and smoothed version of SRTM 1 arc sec, is courtesy … Continue reading

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What's New in ArcGIS Online (August 2011)

ArcGIS Online was recently updated with the following new features and improvements to the ArcGIS.com map viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online:

ArcGIS.com Map Viewer

Support for Shapefiles

Features can be added to your map using shapefiles. The shapefile components (.shp, .dbf, .shx, .dbf) must be in a zip file (.zip) to be imported, and the number of features in the shapefile cannot exceed 1000. Once added you can style features and configure their pop-ups. For more details see Adding features from a file.

Visibility Range

The visibility range (maximum and minimum display scales) can be set for feature layers in your map. Display scales can be chosen from a pre-defined list, or by interactively zooming and setting the scale using the map. See Displaying features for more information.

Use As Basemap

Add Layer from Web now includes a checkbox that lets you directly use the layer as a new basemap. This is supported for ArcGIS services and OGC (WMS) services.

Basemap Transparency

The transparency of any basemap can now be set via its properties enabling you to “tone down” the basemap when desired. Look for the arrow that becomes visible when you hover over a basemap layer to set the transparency.

Add Layer From File Enhancements

Text or CSV files using semi-colons, pipes, or tabs as delimiters are now supported (in addition to commas).

Other Improvements

Support for OGC (WMS) services and KML have been improved.


ArcGIS Explorer Online

Cross-Dateline Navigation

Explorer Online now wraps the map across the international dateline so you can pan continuously around the world.

Support for WMS Services

You can now add WMS services directly to Explorer Online by specifying the URL in the Add Content dropdown. A WMS service no longer has to be an item in ArcGIS.com to add it to your map.

Support for adding data from GPX files

You can now import features from a GPS Exchange Format (.gpx) file into your map.

Support for Natural Breaks classification

When configuring a layer to draw based on classified attribute values, a new natural breaks classification option is available. Natural breaks classes are based on natural groupings inherent in the data. Class breaks are identified that best group similar values and that maximize the differences between classes. For details see Draw features classified by value.

Measure enhancements

When measuring a point you can now specify the format of the coordinate display. You can also copy measure values directly to the clipboard. Learn more about measure.

Find locations by coordinates

You can find locations on the map by specifying latitude and longitude coordinates in a variety of formats by typing them into the Find box. This capability was available in past versions of Explorer Online and is now back in this update.

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New Zealand Earthquake Social Media Map

Esri New Zealand recently lifted an ArcGIS Online-powered social media map that keeps you informed of what’s happening near the disaster via various media feeds. The map shows geo-located Ushahidi posts, YouTube videos (filtered on “Christchurch Earthquake”), tweets (filters on the #eqnz hash tag), Flickr photos (uses #eqnz), and other public content.

The earthquake media viewer is based on a VGI template application that you can obtain from ArcGIS Online.

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