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Trucking ETA’s Just Got More Accurate


What helps you model complex parameters such as live traffic, trucking speed limits, and now maximum vehicle speed, all within the same route?  The answer is ArcGIS Online! Many vehicles cannot exceed a certain speed. This could be a manufacturer’s … Continue reading

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Your Network Dataset, Your Enterprise. Enable it.

Custom Network Dataset in ArcGIS Enterprise

Does your organization use a network dataset for routing and transportation network analysis?  This could be a network dataset that you manage and maintain yourself from your organization’s authoritative street content.  It could be a network that you built from … Continue reading

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Learn How GIS Can Expedite the Process for Backhaul Network Design at This Free Webinar

Wireless carriers are facing an ongoing challenge to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for expanded bandwidth as mobile device manufacturers migrate to 4G LTE for high-speed data transmission.

Using GIS can help you optimize your backhaul design and automate the planning process by analyzing network routing alternatives between sites, while minimizing capital expenditures.

Learn how during this episode of our 2014 webinar series hosted by the Esri TelUG Team.

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Filter Water Utility Assets by Attributes in ArcGIS Online

Water Utilities often want to identify where pipes of a certain material and/or diameter exist in their system or where hydrants out of service or in need of repair are located. Did you know you could to do this using ArcGIS Online? As a GIS technician/analyst/manager, how much time would it save you to empower your users to do this themselves; as a user, how much time would it save you to do it yourself? Follow the steps below to learn how to create a Filter Application in ArcGIS Online.  Continue reading

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3D network support in ArcGIS10

Here is an interesting blog post from our network team on support for 3D networks:

“What do you get when you cross the 3D Analyst extension with the Network Analyst extension?”

Gert van Maren
3D Product Manager

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Upgrades to ArcGIS Online system network on August 12, 2009

8/10/09–We are upgrading the network environment used to support ArcGIS Online maps (services.arcgisonline.com, server.arcgisonline.com, and premium.arcgisonline.com). The upgrade will be performed during a one hour maintenance window on Wednesday, August 12, beginning at 11:00 p.m. PDT. During this time, there may be some disruption of service accessing the ArcGIS Online maps.

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