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Check out Esri’s new tools for managing Planet imagery in ArcGIS


Planet’s high-resolution satellite constellations image the entire world every single day. Both Planet and Esri aim to provide resources that help users turn this wealth of data into visible, accessible, actionable solutions. That’s why Esri has added tools for managing PlanetScope … Continue reading

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Improve your scientific analysis with one simple trick!


When we talk about scientific data, the term is kind of a catch-all that really refers to three data formats commonly used in the scientific community: NetCDF, HDF, and GRIB. If a normal raster is a grid where each block … Continue reading

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Broken Image Service Layers on ArcGIS Server for Linux

cairo planning

If you create a mosaic dataset in a file geodatabase on a Windows machine, and then copy it over to a Linux machine, your paths within the mosaic dataset will be incorrect. To publish the Windows mosaic dataset as an … Continue reading

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Is your mosaic dataset doing okay?


Is there something wrong with your mosaic dataset?  Or are you wondering if it can be optimized? Have you tried analyzing your mosaic dataset?

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Table or Raster Data – which Raster Type is correct for a derived mosaic dataset


A derived mosaic dataset is a mosaic dataset that is created from adding other mosaic datasets into it. When populating a derived mosaic dataset, it is okay to use either the Raster Dataset or Table as your raster type. The … Continue reading

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Using tiled images with coordinates stored in a table

There’s a lot of tiled imagery out there that gets delivered to people without any coordinates stored with the files. Often the coordinate information exists but it’s stored in a table. So how do you view it in ArcGIS. Continue reading

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Scanned Map template – Working with CADRG/ECRG data in a mosaic dataset


Esri has compiled and uploaded a Scanned Map Template to ArcGIS.com. The Scanned Maps Template is designed to teach you how to add military scanned map data in CADRG/ECRG format to mosaic datasets.

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“No editable layers” when trying to edit the footprint table within a mosaic dataset


This blog is based on a true story from a forum post.  Hopefully it will help others that have the same issue. Problem: I have created a mosaic dataset and added a raster in it. Then I opened the attributes … Continue reading

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