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Treasure Island Example in CityEngine


American Thanksgiving is a holiday that is known for being a time when people get together with family, friends, and loved ones and give thanks for what one has. We would like to say thank you to you for being … Continue reading

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Scenarios in CityEngine 2017.0

CityEngine 2016 Logo

In CityEngine 2017.0, we introduce the concept of scenarios, a new way to create different designs for the same scene. For example, scenarios can represent multiple redevelopment proposals for a site or different phases of construction. These designs can then … Continue reading

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CityEngine unveils mobile Virtual Reality solution

CityEngine 2016 Logo

July 2017 Update We are proud to release a new version of ArcGIS 360 VR. The ArcGIS 360 VR app allows you to quickly immerse yourself into 3D city models by teleporting to static viewpoints and comparing different urban design … Continue reading

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Raster Analysis and Spatial Analyst at UC2017


The 2017 User Conference in San Diego is right around the corner!  For those of you who wish to learn more about raster analysis with ArcGIS, read on for some sessions and presentations to be sure to attend.

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Splashing new audiences: Story Maps for flood-modeling applications

Featured Image

By Denny Rivas. Center for Research in Water Resources. The University of Texas at Austin. Consider you are asked to undertake research on hydrology, in which you have to propose new methodologies using scarce available data, and look for novel … Continue reading

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Urban Hydrology Modeling Using GIS

Santa Clara Valley Water District

By Victor de Loza & Nahm H. Lee, Ph.D., Santa Clara Valley Water District Subcatchment delineation is an essential step for watershed modeling studies. Flow directions can be changed by roads, artificial surfaces, and storm drains. Urban subcatchment delineation is … Continue reading

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Are you using Arc Hydro Tools for 10.1 BETA?

Arc Hydro

We’d love to hear your feedback. Download the BETA 10.1 Arc Hydro Tools (32MB) here: http://downloads.esri.com/archydro/archydro Please contact archydro@esri.com with any and all feedback. Arc Hydro Tools are free with your ArcGIS software license. In the coming months, documentation for … Continue reading

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FormFonts 3D

When it comes to 3D model stock, Google’s 3D Warehouse is a great resource. However as we all know, these models can’t be used in other GIS packages (3D Warehouse EULA, paragraph 11.4).

As GIS professionals, we have to rely on other sources of 3D content. With the recent addition of CityEngine to the Esri 3D lineup, it has become very easy to generate 3D geotypcial urban content. The software has a powerful procedural modeling core that allows you to dynamically create 3D buildings and streets using your existing operational geodatabases, further reducing the need to maintain a separate 3D model database.

However at this stage, our procedural modeling core does not allow you to model 3D trees, cars, street furniture etc. Also for geospecific 3D buildings, it is sometimes easier to model these manually rather than procedurally.

We therefore reached out to the team of professional modelers at FormFonts 3D. FormFonts started doing in-house modeling of georeferenced 3D models for Esri this year, and so we’d like to share this excellent source of 3D model stock with the Esri community.

FormFonts 3D is a subscription 3D modeling service with more than 11,000 subscribers. It has a professionally developed 3D model library with more than 50,000 3D assets under management. You can subscribe to this living library of rights managed and professional model stock for $199 a year (per user), and enjoy the highest quality 3D models on demand – anytime and anywhere you need them. This subscription model can work well for most of our users, and FormFonts will discount subscriptions depending on the size of your ELA.

FormFonts 3D’s models and textures are fully compatible with ArcGIS via the Collada .dae  format and if you have specific modeling needs, FormFonts will undertake these on a bespoke basis, and can usually turn your models around in less than 48 hours.

Click here to download a complimentary tester pack of 3D models to try from FromFonts 3D.  Instructions are included with the download to add them into ArcGIS.

Gert van Maren
3D Product manager




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CityEngine to ArcGIS

CityEngine allows you to model and design your city in 3D based on GIS geometry, attributes and procedural rules.

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CityEngine Urban Planning Example now available for download


It has been awhile since we released Esri CityEngine 2011 at the EUC in Madrid. In the last month we have been working hard on an ArcGIS – CityEngine urban planning example and we are happy to let you know it is available for download now in the gallery section on the CityEngine resource center.

This example highlights how CityEngine can be used to create and design 3D urban content based on GIS data input such as building footprints and street lines with attributes.

Starting point is a 3D geodatabase with:

  • building footprints with attributes such as ridge height, eave height and roof form
  • street center lines with attributes such as street width
  • vegetation locations with attributes such as vegetation type, rotation and size
  • street furniture locations with attributes such as furniture type, rotation and size

The example comes with a set of rules that allow you:

  • turn your building footprints into 3D textured buildings

  • turn your street center lines into 3D streets.

  • turn your vegetation and streetfurniture points into 3D models

  • Import existing 3D content such as 3D buildings, trees, cars and street furniture

  • do a redesign on any part of the city


You can download this CityEngine: Philadephia example in the gallery section on the CityEngine resource center.

For more information on how to:

  • bring your CityEngine models back into ArcGIS
  • turn your 2D features into 3D

go to the gallery section on the CityEngine resource center and have a look for the CityEngine to ArcGIS and 2Dto3D templates.



Esri R&D Center Zürich




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