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Explore using infographics in ArcGIS Maps for Power BI


Have you ever wondered how many people live in Los Angeles? What about downtown LA? What about a very specific neighborhood in downtown LA? And if not LA, what about your town?

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ArcGIS Pro Tips: Scale-Based Symbol Sizing

The Pro Tips

Remember when every map had only one scale? 1:1,000,000, 1:500,000, 1:24,000 – these are some common scales that most cartographers know how to design maps for. However, what happens when your map will be viewed at all the ranges in between … Continue reading

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Use Arcade Expressions to Map Your Ideas

feature image

How do you make a web map if the layer you are using does not contain the exact attribute field that you need? With the December release of ArcGIS Online, you can now use Arcade expressions to get your basic … Continue reading

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How to Smart Map in 3 Easy Steps

Smart Mapping is an exciting capability that can help you create beautiful and informative maps, quickly. It’s never been easier to craft visually stunning maps that tell the stories you want to tell. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with smart mapping and its overall workflow, so that you can get started making your own mapping masterpieces! To follow the same guide interactively, visit this story map.

In its simplest form, smart mapping is a solution custom created for your map and your data, which is why we call it “smart”! With just a few clicks, you can create a clear story about your data. Continue reading

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Build a Better World with Esri at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016

TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon

Hack with Esri mapping tools to develop a ground breaking app in 24 hours. At Esri, we aim to improve the world through our geospatial mapping technology, melding software, maps, and content so you can see the world in a … Continue reading

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New at the UC 2016 Map Gallery: ArcGIS Pro Interactive Map Wall

Map Wall 3x3 grid

 ArcGIS Pro Interactive Map Wall New at this year’s User Conference Map Gallery will be the ArcGIS Pro Interactive Map Wall. The Map Gallery has been a long time feature of the User Conference that is dedicated to showcasing user maps. … Continue reading

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Terrain Tools 1.1 released

By Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer.

Prior to User Conference in 2015 we released a sample toolbox called Terrain Tools (original announcement here) that included a dozen or so tools to create beautiful, artistic terrain representations. It’s been downloaded nearly 8,000 times this past year. We’ve just released v1.1 which includes a number of bug fixes, for which we’re grateful to the community for giving the feedback that has helped improve their stability. We’re also delighted to announce the inclusion of a new tool called Plan Oblique. Continue reading

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Announcing ArcGIS Python API (Beta)

Python API What Can It Do

A common reaction when  users experience the ArcGIS Python API  for the first time is they think  it’s the return of Avenue, ArcPlot or AML for the modern [Web] GIS world. That is not far from the truth. For  millennials … Continue reading

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What’s New in Smart Mapping (June 2016)


Many datasets contain a date or time field, but showing them in the map can be a challenge. The June 2016 ArcGIS Online release has new map styles that allow you to visualize information found in date and time fields. … Continue reading

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Pitch Perfect – a mapping experiment

Sometimes a simple idea leads to something quite fascinating. Since its publication in 2013 I was inspired by Louis Spirito’s Baseball’s Many Physical Dimensions poster. The poster shows the relationship between the 30 Major League Baseball ballparks in the USA and provides a fascinating picture of how their spatial dimensions differ. Positioning them in the same imaginary location at the same scale was a great way to juxtapose each ballpark and create something visually interesting and informative. So how might this approach work for other sports? How, for instance, might it work for football (a.k.a. soccer) where the pitch markings at first glance appear consistent with one another?

Despite the apparent regularity of the markings on a football pitch they do in fact differ considerably in overall size because pitch length and width can vary within certain minimum and maximum dimensions. Then there’s the orientation as pitches can align to any point on the compass. The question, then, was…what happens if you map the 92 pitches of English and Welsh professional football clubs accurately and then overlay them? Would it create something interesting? Would most pitches be the same size? Would they overlay neatly or not? The result proved fascinating and the way in which the eventual map produced used remarkably simple techniques in ArcGIS for Desktop. Continue reading

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