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Global Evapotranspiration Data Added to Living Atlas

GLDAS Evapotranspiration 2000 - Present

Just because you can’t see evapotranspiration doesn’t mean you can’t map it. In fact, the Living Atlas of the World has long contained data about average annual evapotranspiration for the United States. Today that map is being deprecated and replaced … Continue reading

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2016 World Population Estimate Services are now Available


We are pleased to announce the availability of an update to the World Population Estimate layers. World Population Estimate 2016 World Population Estimate Density 2016 World Settlement Score 2016 World Population Estimate Confidence 2016 This update was produced during 2017, using … Continue reading

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Working With Soil Data from the Living Atlas in ArcGIS Pro


Have you ever intended to use soil data in your desktop software, read the soil manuals, then decided you can live without it because it’s too difficult to get the data into GIS? If this sounds familiar, we have good … Continue reading

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What’s New with Soil Data in the Living Atlas?


All SSURGO-based Living Atlas items upgraded to the 2017 SSURGO snapshot New map image and 21 image layers with improved performance New tile layer for use with the map image layer in web maps at small scales New downloader application … Continue reading

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What’s new with the SSURGO Downloader?

SSURGO Downloader

Map packages updated to the 2017 version of SSURGO New application Map packages now on Amazon s3, resulting in much faster downloads The SSURGO downloader provides fast access to 2,200 ready-to-use map packages with the same suite of attributes contained … Continue reading

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