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Get Started with Insights for ArcGIS


New construction is everywhere in Montgomery County, Maryland, and officials in that suburban area near Washington, D.C., want to ensure that all those new buildings are in sync with community planning. To do so, regional planners are examining new construction … Continue reading

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Promote Your Electronic Store in NYC


Management wants proof that enough consumer demand exists in Manhattan to justify a new electronics store — and the map you make could determine whether the investment is worth the risk. In a new Learn ArcGIS lesson, you will open … Continue reading

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Help Tour Guides Track Whales in Costa Rica


Tour guides and boat captains off Costa Rica need your help with tracking a declining population of humpback whales as they convert from using pen and paper to Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS. To reverse the drop, the local population — … Continue reading

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Expand Your Story Mapping Skills with Learn ArcGIS

Get Started with Story Maps

Telling stories is an art as old as speech itself — but an updated Learn ArcGIS lesson will show you how to add interactive maps, multimedia content, and text to the stories you tell. Get Started with Story Maps is a … Continue reading

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Creating Maps with ArcGIS Enterprise

Get Started with Mapping Using ArcGIS Enterprise

Users of ArcGIS Enterprise cannot always reach into the public internet for training because of the enhanced security policies their organizations demand. But a new Learn ArcGIS lesson bridges that private-public chasm by providing ArcGIS Enterprise users with map-creation training they … Continue reading

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Use ArcGIS Pro to save mountain lions in Southern California


Southern California, although brimming with roads and people, includes mountainous areas that serve as sanctuaries for a surprisingly diverse array of wildlife. Among them are mountain lions — alternatively known as cougars and panthers — who risk life while stalking … Continue reading

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New Learn ArcGIS lesson: Big data and cartography in ArcGIS Pro


In December 2016, the US Department of Defense released digital records involving bombing missions carried out during the Vietnam War. You can now turn all that data into a visually appealing map with a new Learn ArcGIS lesson, Cartographic Creations in … Continue reading

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Research Market Potential Using Esri Business Analyst Web App

Iowa State Capitol

In the 1970s, the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines had a bird’s-eye view of a downtown in deep decay. Decades later, the iconic building — the ubiquitous television backdrop for nearly every reporter covering the Iowa Caucus — is perched … Continue reading

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Get started with the Scene Viewer lesson


In November, we added an exciting new lesson for the scene viewer that will take you to the coastline of Palm Beach County, Florida. You will travel under the ocean’s surface and interact with coastal protection features currently in place … Continue reading

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Map Your Voters Before the Next Election

Map Voter Data to Plan Your Campaign

Want to win your next election? In a new Learn ArcGIS lesson, you will learn how GIS could help you outmaneuver your rivals on the political battlefield.

In Map Voter Data to Plan Your Campaign, you will assume the role of a campaign manager researching voters for an upcoming election that includes southern Howard County in the U.S. state of Maryland. You will start the lesson by creating a map and geocoding a spreadsheet with the addresses of your potential voters. You will then download a layer of Tapestry Segmentation, developed by Esri as a way to classify American neighborhoods into 67 unique market segments based on a variety of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. By researching Tapestry, you will learn more about the lifestyles and living standards of your voters as well as gain insight into their values and the issues they care about. Inferences could range from housing costs and college expenses to smartphone taxes and charity giving. Continue reading

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