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Landsat Image Services Update – Pre-release


Expected release date:  Early February 2018 Our upcoming release of Landsat Image Services will include some noteworthy updates… Improvements Revised scaling.  The Top of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance values (which range from 0 – 1 by default) will now be scaled using … Continue reading

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Check out Esri’s new Landsat Explorer web app


Explore the planet more deeply with Esri’s new Landsat Explorer web app! Use the app to both visualize our planet and understand how the Earth has changed over time. Now you can instantly analyze more than 500,000 Landsat 8 and GLS … Continue reading

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Landsat Imagery in ArcGIS Pro

Copy of 7

Here’s how you can access the Landsat archive which is hosted on Amazon through ArcGIS Pro. Open the Projects Pane Click on Portal and then on the cloud icon on the far right to see everything that’s on your portal. … Continue reading

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Want Landsat? Access all the Band Combinations Online

screenshot landsat 1

One of the advantages to working at Esri is the access to so many people resources to help answer questions.  The other day, I was writing a blog about the new Landsat 8 imagery available through ArcGIS Online.  I wanted … Continue reading

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Landsat 8 Enthusiasts! Which Band Combination do you Use?

Natural Color with DRA (Dynamic Range Adjustment applied to maximize the contrast) Landsat 8 Bands 4,3,2.  This band combination provides an image that looks the way we think the earth and water should look from above.

What does Landsat 8 have to do with Earth Day?  Well for one thing, the latest Landsat 8 satellite imagery is some of the coolest imagery you can access, with remarkable images and information about the Earth being updated daily. … Continue reading

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Making ‘Landsat on AWS’ Accessible

Unlock Earth's secrets

Amazon has announced the availability of Landsat on Amazon Web Services. Esri is actively participating in this initiative. Under this program, Amazon will host 1 petabyte of Landsat imagery from USGS on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Esri has created … Continue reading

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Deriving temperature from Landsat 8 thermal bands (TIRS)


You can use the thermal bands from Landsat 8 to calculate at-satellite brightness temperature. There are quite a few steps that I’ll walk you th­­rough to do this. What we’re going to do is: -        Convert the raw bands into … Continue reading

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Updated Landsat Shaded basemap

New LandSat shaded Basemap

By fusing the World Elevation services with the World Landsat services, we’ve created a uniquely beautiful representation of the Landsat data – the Landsat Shaded Basemap. What are the features of this extraordinary service? -  This image service uses 8000+ … Continue reading

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Landsat Imagery

If you need access to Landsat imagery checkout ChangeMatters Viewer or you can access multi-temporal, multi-spectral worldwide Landsat GLS data from ArcGIS Online.

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Classifying Landsat image services to make a land cover map

By Rajinder Nagi, Esri Cartographic Product Engineer

Landsat 3 Thumb

In a previous blog entry, we discussed how you can use Landsat image services in ArcMap to see the change over time. In this blog entry, we dive further into Landsat image services and describe how you can create thematic land cover maps which can then be used for analyses, such as land cover change detection.

The image classification process involves conversion of multi-band raster imagery into a single-band raster with a number of categorical classes that relate to different types of land cover.

Continue reading

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