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Don’t Panic: Resources to help you make sense of architecting ArcGIS Enterprise

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One of the most popular conference presentations of 2017 was ArcGIS Enterprise: Architecting your deployment, and for good reason – ArcGIS Enterprise lead product manager, Philip Heede, walks you through a no-fluff explanation of the ins and outs of deploying … Continue reading

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Water Utilities Templates Updated

The ESRI Water Utilities Team posted updates to all three templates in the Gallery today.    In summary, these updates include:

  • Updates to the Operations Feature Dataset in the Sample.gdb.
  • Updates to the Getting Started documents.
  • Release Notes for each Template.
  • General improvements to error handling and messaging in the Mobile Map Template.
  • Performance improvement for several tools in the Network Editing Template.
  • Bug fixes in the Network Editing and Mobile Map Templates.
  • New functionality added to the Network Editing Template.

For details on the new functions and the bug fixes, please refer to the release notes in each templates folder.
The Team will post updates from time to time to resolve known issues and add new functionality. If you have specific questions about the updates, please let us know: ArcGISTeamWater@esri.com
The ArcGIS Water Team

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Editing Toolbar Install Problems

To install the template you need 3 things:

1. Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework – This is a free download from Microsoft. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa731542.aspx

2. ArcGIS Desktop 93 or 93SP1

3. The .NET support feature of ArcGIS Desktop

a. To get the NET support feature of ArcGIS Desktop have this you need to install Desktop after Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework is installed on your machine


b. Make sure you have your ArcGIS Desktop DVD or CD inserted into your machine. Go to addremove programs dialog >Select ArcGIS Desktop> Select changeremove > select modify (you will see the dialog below) > Click on the .net support feature > select “will be installed on your local drive” > Next > Next then try to install the template.

If this does not resolve your problem, let us know and we can track down the problem.




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Why is the Visual Basic Editor grayed out after installing ArcGIS 9.3?

VBA version 6.5 is required for ArcGIS 9.3 (installs with Microsoft Office 2007). This does not get installed automatically when installing ArcGIS using the setup.msi file. One of the more noticeable indicators that the correct version of VBA was not installed is when navigating to Tools > Macros > Visual Basic Editor will be grayed out. However, it can be installed after using the setup.msi file by installing the files referenced below or it can be automatically installed if you use the setup.exe instead of the setup.msi. 

The ArcGIS Installation Guide > Installing ArcGIS Desktop silently, states the following: The installation of ArcGIS Desktop (setup.exe) serves as a single installer that integrates three separate installers required to run ArcGIS Desktop.  If you are deploying ArcGIS Desktop or need to install using setup.msi directly, you will need to install the other setup programs as well. The setup.msi programs and installation order are:

  1. The ArcGIS Desktop setup.msi (with custom installation information supplied below)
  2. <media or administrative installation>VBAVBAOF11.msi /qb  (no installation parameters are required)  
  3. <media or administrative installation>VBA1033VBAOF11i.msi /qb (no installation parameters are required) 

Additional Resources:



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