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Use the Image Interpretation app template to create an imagery app in minutes

App template screenshot

With the Image Interpretation app template, now released in beta, you can create an interactive web app that lets people view, understand, and annotate imagery, no coding necessary. Straightforward configuration options let you customize the app for your project, whether … Continue reading

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Image Service Widgets for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Image Service Widgets for WAB

This blog post was contributed by Emily Windahl, a Technical Editor on the Imagery Workflows Team.

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Using Raster Processing Templates to Improve Your Pop-up Windows


Processing templates are a powerful tool for expanding the capabilities of image services. By chaining together a series of raster functions, they provide users with the capability to do on-the-fly analysis, such as converting units, finding anomalies, and calculating slope, … Continue reading

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Customizing the display of Image Services in ArcGIS Online


When visualizing continuous data such as temperature and salinity in ArcGIS Online, sometimes you may want to configure a few rendering templates with specific color ramps or breaks. While you can achieve the goal by way of the Stretch function, … Continue reading

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Use Living Atlas Image Services in Your Desktop Analysis


“The Living Atlas of the World brings ready-to-use data to the ArcGIS Platform creating a complete global Geographic Information System.” That sounds good, doesn’t it?  But what does it mean? It means the Living Atlas isn’t just for making web … Continue reading

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Want Landsat? Access all the Band Combinations Online

screenshot landsat 1

One of the advantages to working at Esri is the access to so many people resources to help answer questions.  The other day, I was writing a blog about the new Landsat 8 imagery available through ArcGIS Online.  I wanted … Continue reading

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Landsat 8 Enthusiasts! Which Band Combination do you Use?

Natural Color with DRA (Dynamic Range Adjustment applied to maximize the contrast) Landsat 8 Bands 4,3,2.  This band combination provides an image that looks the way we think the earth and water should look from above.

What does Landsat 8 have to do with Earth Day?  Well for one thing, the latest Landsat 8 satellite imagery is some of the coolest imagery you can access, with remarkable images and information about the Earth being updated daily. … Continue reading

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Updated Landsat Shaded basemap

New LandSat shaded Basemap

By fusing the World Elevation services with the World Landsat services, we’ve created a uniquely beautiful representation of the Landsat data – the Landsat Shaded Basemap. What are the features of this extraordinary service? -  This image service uses 8000+ … Continue reading

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Esri serves Landsat data

Working in close collaboration with DOI, Esri is pleased to announce the release of the Landsat imagery services. These image services enable fast and easy access to 30 years of Landsat imagery as part of ArcGIS Online. Esri is providing this data (more than 8 TB) on ArcGIS Online and serving it as over 20 different dynamic, multispectral, multitemporal image services that provide access to the full image information content, along with change detection capabilities. In addition, Esri has created web maps and an interactive web application that leverage these image services, providing even greater access.
Check it out at http://www.esri.com/landsat.

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Tornado Response Map and Group

A recent addition to the ArcGIS.com gallery is the Tuscaloosa Tornado Response map by Kevin Armstrong, GIS solutions engineer at Esri-Charlotte. The map has been compiled using authoritative data from the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and shows the tornado’s path with post-damage imagery, the damage swath, water distribution facilities, and curfew areas.

You’ll also find a Southeast Tornado Response group, also created by Kevin, where a variety of maps, apps, and other shared resources can be found. These resources include recent GeoEye Ikonos-2 imagery acquired just after the tornados struck, and published as ArcGIS image services.

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