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Esri at the 2016 Canadian Hydrographic Conference


Last month, Esri participated in the 2016 Canadian Hydrographic Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  At this event, Esri, in collaboration with NOAA Marine Chart Division, presented two posters.

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It’s World Hydrography Day – Dive into “The Ocean”

The Ocean

June 21st, 2016 marks the 11th year anniversary of World Hydrography Day!  World Hydrography Day (WHD) focuses on giving suitable publicity to the International Hydrographic Organization’s work at all levels and of increasing the coverage of hydrographic information on a … Continue reading

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New! ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting Training Seminar


A new ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting seminar is now available Esri’s Virtual Campus training site!  This one hour training video demonstrates new capabilities available at ArcGIS 10.3.1. Check out the new easy to use workflows for: Loading in your portfolio … Continue reading

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Esri and the International Hydrographic Organization: A Growing Partnership

Esri’s Maritime team was thrilled to host  Dr. Kentaro Kaneda from the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) for three weeks.  Dr. Kaneda is currently serving as the IHO’s GIS program technical lead.

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Even More than Points: New Features in ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 10.3

ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 10.3 is full of new and exciting features, such as the new support for point feature classes!  Here’s a quick list of some of the highlights: Continue reading

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Point Support in ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 10.3

The ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 10.3 expands the BIS’s capabilities beyond supporting raster datasets.  Users can now utilize the solution to store and work with bathymetric point feature classes!

All of the existing possibilities for filtering and applying surface modeling rules based on metadata characteristics to develop surface models can be applied to point feature classes.  In addition, the release also includes two new geoprocessing tools to help users maximize the value of using their bathymetric point data within the solution. Continue reading

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Esri Supports S-63 ENC Cells

Did you know that Esri supports S-63 ENC cells? S-63 is an International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standard that details how electronic navigational charts, or ENCs, are encrypted, secured, and compressed. The IHO granted Esri Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) status in 2014 to support the decryption of S-63 ENC cells with Esri technology.  This status allows users to display the rich, authoritative data stored within the ENC cells throughout the ArcGIS platform. Continue reading

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The New “Make Chart” Button for Producing Paper Nautical Charts

makechartbtnAs hydrographic offices around the world are well aware, creating a paper nautical chart that adheres to IHO S-4 standards is a labor intensive and time consuming process.  For that reason, the Esri Maritime team has developed a tool that works with the ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting 10.1 product that automates the initial production workflow for creating a paper nautical chart.  Continue reading

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GIS Hydro 2013 Pre-Conference Water Resources Workshop: More Coming Soon!

by Steve Kopp, Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis Team, Esri

Jump-start your conference a day early by joining us for the 20th annual pre-conference Water Resources Workshop on Sunday July 7th. The Water Resources Workshop is a FREE, full day workshop focused on emerging trends in the integration of GIS and Water Resources and how you can use them in your work.

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Hydro Basemap Gone GLOBAL

by Caitlin Scopel, Cartographic Product Engineer, Esri

World Hydro BasemapThe Hydro Basemap is now the  WORLD Hydro Basemap.  The World Hydro Basemap uses the same design as its predecessor, but extends the coverage to the World at scales of 1:147 million to 1:2.3 million.  The World Hydro Basemap includes the map tiles from the original Hydro Basemap, providing coverage of the United States down to the 1:18,000 scale.

The World Hydro Basemap is comprised of two map service layers: the World Terrain Base, and the World Hydro Reference Overlay.  The World Terrain Base provides the elevation context necessary to understand why the world’s surface water flows where it does.

The World Hydro Reference Overlay provides the streams, waterbodies, drainage areas, and cultural reference information necessary to make the World Hydro Basemap useful for scientists, professionals and researchers in the fields of Hydrology, Geography, Climate, Soils, and other natural sciences related to water.

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