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Help prepare Houston for an incoming hurricane


The most popular lesson from Learn ArcGIS has been updated with a scenario which allows you to help Houston prepare for an incoming hurricane. Get Started with ArcGIS Online was one of our first lessons when Learn ArcGIS was launched in 2014. … Continue reading

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Identify Hurricane Shelters in Houston


Hurricane Harvey overwhelmed authorities trying to find shelter for the 300,000 victims seeking dry ground during that storm’s record rainfall in August and September 2017. A new Learn ArcGIS lesson, Find Potential Hurricane Shelters, could help authorities avoid the human … Continue reading

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Dev Meet Up – Houston, TX

There’s nothing better than a sold out event, and our Dev Meet Up in Houston, TX definitely fit that bill! At the Stag’s Head Pub on Portsmouth, great discussions on ArcGIS Server Silverlight, SharePoint, and Python filled up the evening. Many were there as registrants, but quite a few people joined us on-the-fly, which made for an even more exciting evening!



Brandon Copeland, of LJA Engineering, started us off with an opening talk on Model-View-View-Model (MVVM). He talked about how they are using it within their ArcGIS Server Silverlight application. He gave a pretty good overview about MVVM and gave some demos on how it is helping them facilitate modern development techniques such as separation of concerns (decoupling), unit testing, and test driven development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.


Beginning the lightning talks with his presentation, “Using Python and the Geoprocessing Framework for Enterprise Development,” Jason Humber used Python to demonstrate how they created custom Python scripts to automate tasks for open source projects and ArcGIS. He also demonstrated how they incorporated the Esri Python tasks into their toolkit.


Following Jason up, but definitely keeping the momentum was Mr. Freeman. Mark shared his “Case Study for SharePoint 2010,” and the information he provided truly demonstrated how SharePoint could be used to carry out a multitude of tasks. Mark first talked about the challenges of deploying SharePoint in an enterprise. One that stuck out in my mind was governance. Mark stated that governance is the single most important planning element for SharePoint, but it is often the single most lacking planning exercise when implementing the product.  He also provided a solution to plan for governance and he talked about SharePoint 2010, ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint, and ArcGIS for Windows Phone.


Concluding the lightning talks, Rich Priem showcased his “Priemere Geo Technology.” He gave a nice history of the company, which specializes in the Petroleum and GeoScience Industries. The talk focused on some of the challenges and successes they had in extending ArcGIS Desktop, including the doubling of his client list in the last year! What we thought most impressive was the various GIS automation tools he has built to help petroleum companies with decision support, focusing on opportunities, and suitability analysis. They are quite heavily involved in the PUG organization and often participate in presenting at the annual PUG conferences.


 If raffling off an EDN subscription and an admission to next year’s DevSummit weren’t awesome enough, enter in an Xbox 360! The winner of this bad boy was Brian Gao, who works for El Paso Energy. He said it will make the best gift for his son at Christmas.

Overall, another successful Dev Meet Up down and plenty more to go! We look forward to seeing you at the next one!


EDN Team

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