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My Favorite Hacks of 2017


“Hack”, “how-to”, whatever the handle, to me it means putting some maybe-unexpected pieces together in a somewhat-unexpected way to create something with interest. You know, ideally. Luminance Hack Ah, it’s so simple. So simple. Just use symbol layers in Pro … Continue reading

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Hacking a DEM Sunrise


|This post can alternatively be read as a Cascade story map| You can wield the mighty mighty powers of the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to create all sorts of practical, and impractical, or just fun, topographic effects. Why? Making interesting … Continue reading

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Build a Better World with Esri at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016

TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon

Hack with Esri mapping tools to develop a ground breaking app in 24 hours. At Esri, we aim to improve the world through our geospatial mapping technology, melding software, maps, and content so you can see the world in a … Continue reading

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