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Are you getting GPU errors while executing the Viewshed 2 tool?


The Viewshed 2 tool is a visibility analysis tool released in ArcGIS 10.3 and ArcGIS Pro 1.0. The tool takes advantage of a GPU processor by default if one is available on your computer. As GPU graphics cards are commonly … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Desktop Virtualization Appliance @ the UC


As you could tell from previous blogs ArcGIS Pro can be easily virtualized. But the hardware that is needed is different than what has been used in the past. To help provide a clear description of the hardware needed to … Continue reading

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Before you get started with the new release

Here’s a few tips before you get started with the new release.

Check your system requirements

Before you install you will want to check out the latest system requirements. You might need a few updates that are listed in the requirements (such as Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework SP1 or equivalent) and the installation will let you know if you don’t currently have those installed, and will point you towards where you can find any needed updates.

The ArcGIS Explorer Installation Guide also has lots of useful information and more details about the requirements and where to find updates, and includes advanced instructions for deploying ArcGIS Explorer for system administrators.

Make sure you’ve got the latest and greatest graphics card drivers

It’s always a good idea to check for graphics card driver updates, and to ensure the best experience with the latest ArcGIS Explorer we highly recommend that you do this first. If you experience difficulties on startup, or seem to notice very sluggish performance, this is usually caused by outdated drivers and a simple update will get you going. Just visit the Web site for your computer manufacturer, or graphics card vendor, or check with your system administrator to ensure that you’re up to date.

Check out the What’s New

This latest release of ArcGIS is… well… quite different than the previous release, and while it supports the same features and capabilities there’s also quite a lot that’s new. You can check out the What’s New Web site, view the What’s New video, play the What’s New slide show, or check out our What’s New blog post show to familiarize yourself with these new features. And stay tuned to the blog, as we’ll be covering all of these and how to get the most out of them here.

Stay tuned to this blog

We’ll be publishing a whole series of how-to posts here, covering the basics for beginners as well as advanced topics for ArcGIS Explorer veterans and programmers, so make sure you check back often.

An easy way to stay tuned is to subscribe to the ArcGIS Explorer Blog’s RSS feed. You may also want to stay tuned to other blog feeds, and we also recommend the ArcGIS Online blog. ESRI has a Web site listing all product blogs and their feed subscriptions.


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A Note About Graphics Card Drivers

We’ve noted a couple of complaints about ArcGIS Explorer 440 crashing on startup, when earlier releases worked just fine. We’ve been able to determine that the cause is the graphics card driver, and have found that a driver update normally solves the problem. If you’re experiencing trouble on startup, check for an update for your graphics card.

A thread on the Explorer Discussion Forum, and post by Mark Bockenhauer, provide additional details.

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