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Automate Gas Gathering System Facility Reporting


Growth in unconvential gas supplies is spurring a boom in gas gathering pipeline construction.  ArcGIS for Gas Utilities now includes Facility Reports for Gas Gathering Systems to help with regulatory and management reporting. This new solution enables pipeline operators with … Continue reading

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3D Content in ArcGIS Earth 1.0 beta

The ArcGIS Beta has had a great start with lots of excellent feedback so far.  Many of you seem to like the UI and lightweight experience, while also observing that we have plenty of features to fill in and add to make Earth fully functional.

2.5D Satellite data in ArcGIS Earth from a KML GeoEvent service

2.5D Satellite data in ArcGIS Earth from a KML GeoEvent service

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GeometryEngine part 2: Measurement

Click image to open sample

This is the second post in a three-part series exploring the client-side GeometryEngine in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. This series covers the following topics: Part 1: Testing spatial relationships and editing Part 2: Measurement Part 3: Overlay Analysis Last week … Continue reading

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Pro 1.1: Why Do I Need to Click “Download?”

Pictometry 3D Scene

On Friday, July 17th, many ArcGIS Pro users saw a small window pop up on their computer screen. It announced to them, and to the world that a new version of Pro is available to download. I often find myself … Continue reading

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July Water Meetings are just around the corner!

Please join Esri’s Water Practice in San Diego the weekend before the User Conference. We are hosting two water focused meetings. Pick one or both. See you in San Diego! Continue reading

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Announcing the Esri Water Utilities Meetup

You’ve spoken, and we heard you.  For several months, the Esri water community has asked for a monthly collaboration and meeting.  A modern place for water, wastewater, and stormwater ArcGIS users to gather and exchange ideas.

Good news!

It’s here.

You’re invited to join the Water Utilities Meetup.  Continue reading

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Don’t Miss the July Water Meetings

Our team meetings are just around the corner.

The Water/Wastewater meeting will include presentations by the White House Utility District, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, and many more.

The Water Resources meeting attendees will hear from Southwest Florida Water Management District, Southern CA Coastal Water Research Project,Esri staff as well as several others.

Meetings are free and are a great opportunity for you to connect with Esri staff and find out how other organizations are using GIS.

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Visualizing Player Movement in Sport using 3D Web GIS

Diorama Of Player Movement

In this blog I present a Diorama of Player Movement using ArcScene and Esri’s CityEngine Web Viewer. This unique 3D GIS visualization helps better understand the interaction of the spatial and temporal components of optical player tracking data and offers an … Continue reading

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Location is fundamental to the water smart grid

Esri recently participated in the 1st Smart Water Grid Conference in Incheon, Korea.  The focus of the conference was the current state of smart grid water technology, the future of the water smart grid and fostering collaboration between key smart grid companies and technologists.  Repeatedly discussion about the water smart grid hinged on the importance of geography and the necessity of a location platform to bring together the various pieces that comprise the smart grid. Continue reading

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Celebrating Wimbledon using the CityEngine Web Viewer

3D Tennis Visualization

It’s been a little while since our last post on GIS and sports analytics. This week we thought we would have some fun and celebrate Wimbledon by creating a simple visualization using ArcScene and the new CityEngine Web Viewer.

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