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Esri and PubNub Collaborate on Real-Time Location Strategy Technology for Developers of Next Gen Mapping and Analytics Apps

Esri Tracking PubNub Function App

Esri and PubNub have joined forces to bring geospatial developer tools, global maps, and data capabilities to PubNub Functions, making it easy to harness the power of Esri’s mapping APIs and apply it to realtime data. With just a few … Continue reading

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Custom Data Setup in Business Analyst

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Using your own data is a critical part of your market analysis. You often have organizational information such as: Business performance data, for example, sales and number of customers Data gathered from public agencies, for example, crime records, public health … Continue reading

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Best Practices: How to Query Standard Geographies Branches

ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App

There have been a lot of questions coming to me lately about the best way to use the StandardGeographyQuery function in the GeoEnrichment REST API if a developer wants to help their end users find features in lower levels of … Continue reading

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Using Your Own Data with GeoEnrichment


With recent updates to the GeoEnrichment service, you can use your own custom data along with sophisticated geographical retrieval methodologies for aggregating data into rings and other polygons. Feature layers with accompanying metadata from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise can … Continue reading

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Performance Improvements in GeoEnrichment

Esri Business Analyst Web App

The GeoEnrichment Service has been recently upgraded to a next generation version, bringing with it significant performance improvements. This blog post provides some details, but before we begin let us briefly describe “data enrichment”. GeoEnrichment is a service on the … Continue reading

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Add Demographics to Your Datasets (Fast!)

Did you know that you can add demographics to your existing geographical datasets? Whether you have points, tables, lines, or polygons, demographic data can add value to your analyses. The blog, “Make a Demographic Map in 5 Minutes”, introduced the basics for using the Enrich Layer tool in ArcGIS Online, and introduced the interface of the Data Browser. Now, we will see additional ways this technique can be applied, using the same underlying process, and still only taking minutes to complete. Continue reading

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Make a Demographic Map in 5 Minutes

No data? No problem.

You can use Esri’s demographics to add valuable context to your GIS analyses. Learn more about the people, housing, and businesses in your area of interest, see patterns of income, or understand how a population is changing in the next 5 years. Continue reading

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Demographic data unavailable for the following country regions with disputed territories or sparse populations

Esri provides a vast array of global demographic data available through ArcGIS Online premium content and the GeoEnrichment service. These services allow you to create meaningful visual displays, enrich your own data and create customized reports with Business Analyst. Visit our Demographic Coverage Story Map for details on current coverage. Continue reading

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Impact Summary: Dazzle Them With Your Data


Esri’s Disaster Response Program helps support worldwide incidents, such as earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and severe weather. To increase public knowledge of the disaster impacts, we wanted an app to highlight areas and show related statistics, such as data that shows … Continue reading

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What is CyberGIS?

A summary graphic of ArcGIS Online, presented by Esri's Steve Kopp at CyberGIS AHM '13, highlighting the full breadth of "cyberGIS" capabilities to date, including various web service types, computing platforms served, API languages used, and the connection of ArcGIS Online to the high-performance, supercomputing environment of the CyberGIS Gateway.

This post also appears in Esri Insider. In an earlier Esri Insider post, I had mentioned Esri’s involvement in the large National Science Foundation-funded project known as CyberGIS, which aims to establish a fundamentally new software framework via a seamless … Continue reading

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