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GIS Tools for Hadoop

On Sunday, David Kaiser and his Big Data crew released the GIS Tools for Hadoop Project on GitHub.

The project contains an open source framework and API that enables big data developers to author custom spatial applications for Hadoop. Continue reading

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The Geodatabase Team at the 2013 Developer Summit


The Geodatabase Team is rolling down to Palm Springs next week for the 2013 Developer Summit. Swing by our section of the showcase area to meet the team’s developers, ask questions, and talk about your projects. Esri Showcase hours: Monday      … Continue reading

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Using ArcGIS for sports analytics


By Damien Demaj, Cartographer The statistical component of sport has always provided a fascinating way to analyze performance and success. This might simply be the final score, but for some sports, such as football, baseball, cricket, golf and tennis, meaningful … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 5

In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of ArcGIS, I’m happy to announce the release of ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 5

This Service Pack includes many fixes since the 10.0 release. Here is list of issues fixed in SP5. If you have any feedback or questions regarding this service pack, please post in the ArcGIS Resource Center Forums or contact Esri Support.

If you have additional enhancements or ideas that you would like to see included in future service packs or releases, please post them on the ArcGIS Ideas site.

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Simplified management of user privileges @ 10.1

A key focus of ArcGIS 10.1 is to simplify and streamline how you work with databases and geodatabases. We have listened to enhancement requests from you and developed easy-to-use interfaces for routine administration tasks such as managing privileges.

If you are the owner of a dataset, you can control which users can view or modify data in a database or geodatabase with privileges on datasets. Privileges can be set by user or by roles. Roles are a handy way to group users who have common workflows and responsibilities and should share a common set of privileges.

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New GUI for Geodatabase Administration

One of the most requested features on the ArcGIS Ideas page is to have a GUI for common administration tasks. This has been on our minds for a while as well and the geodatabase team has focused their efforts with the 10.1 release to produce one. So that you can apply your time more effectively, we’ve simplified and consolidated many routine and essential administrative tasks into a tasty new GUI called the Geodatabase Administration dialog.

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The Geodatabase Team @ UC2012

The 2012 Esri International User Conference is coming up on July 23-27th down at the San Diego Convention Center. There will be 14,000 attendees eager to learn and to see our path towards the future of GIS. Hopefully you’re one of them!

The Geodatabase Team will be down there giving technical sessions and demo theater presentations. We’ll be available to answer your questions and discuss what projects you’re working on too, so come visit us in the showcase area.

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MongoDB example code for adding a NoSQL Plug-in data source


For customers with large volumes of data, NoSQL databases provide a useful, highly scalable alternative to the traditional RDBMS. Developers can add support for read-only visualization and mapping of NoSQL data sources, such as MongoDB, into ArcGIS.

Plug-in data sources are a long standing method for displaying data in ArcGIS that is stored in non-traditional formats. MongoDB is an open source NoSQL document storage database featuring replication and data partitioning across multiple machines, robust ad hoc query support, and support for spatial indexing of simple points.

Developers can use the example code provided here as a starting point and reference for their own NoSQL plug-in data sources. Using the code sample will require Visual Studio 2010 C#, MongoDB’s .net driver, and the .NET Assemblies for ArcGIS.

Thomas Breed, who supplied the info for this post, talked about Plug-in data sources and MongoDB in the Effective Geodatabase Programming session at this year’s Developer Conference. You can find a video of that session HERE, Flash Gordon to about the 33:30 mark for the spiel on Plug-in data sources.

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From the 2012 Dev Summit – Wednesday


The cloud is the future of information technology.

This is the point Steve Riley was driving home in his keynote presentation at the 2012 Esri Dev Summit today. Being the CTO of Riverbed Technology, as well as having Amazon and Microsoft on his resume, he’s got some legit experience lending credit to his intelligent and animated dialog this morning on the paradigm shift into a cloud infrastructure.

“Change happens. You have to adapt or die” Riley pointed out. Adaptation is key to human progress. The wine press turned into a printing press (did that turn into twitter?). Smart organizations are getting in front of cloud technology and Riley laid out several steps he called architecture lessons for building a successful cloud implementation. Continue reading

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From the 2012 Dev Summit – Tuesday

The geodatabase team is down here in Palm Springs for the 2012 Esri Developer Summit, and it’s the largest one yet with 1700 attendees!

The plenary session gave a good overview of the new functionality coming with 10.1, which is set to be released in June.

The morning was filled with well spoken Esri employees, most with amazing accents, giving everyone a glimpse into the future release.

Some highlights were new enhancements with ArcGIS 10.1 for Server, including new improved tools in server manager, publishing and sharing of services is now much easier, there were some good demos surrounding published geoprocessing services, lots of great ArcGIS Online improvements to facilitate building great maps and apps, and some good scripting examples which led to the unveiling of a new Python resource where you can find useful samples to enhance your GIS workflows: Cafe Python. Continue reading

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