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ST_Geometry Aggregate Functions for Hive in Spatial Framework for Hadoop

We are pleased to announce that the ST_Geometry aggregate functions are now available for Hive, in the Spatial Framework for Hadoop. The aggregate functions can be used to perform a convex-hull, intersection, or union operation on geometries from multiple records of a dataset.

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Simplified management of user privileges @ 10.1

A key focus of ArcGIS 10.1 is to simplify and streamline how you work with databases and geodatabases. We have listened to enhancement requests from you and developed easy-to-use interfaces for routine administration tasks such as managing privileges.

If you are the owner of a dataset, you can control which users can view or modify data in a database or geodatabase with privileges on datasets. Privileges can be set by user or by roles. Roles are a handy way to group users who have common workflows and responsibilities and should share a common set of privileges.

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The Geodatabase Team @ UC2012

The 2012 Esri International User Conference is coming up on July 23-27th down at the San Diego Convention Center. There will be 14,000 attendees eager to learn and to see our path towards the future of GIS. Hopefully you’re one of them!

The Geodatabase Team will be down there giving technical sessions and demo theater presentations. We’ll be available to answer your questions and discuss what projects you’re working on too, so come visit us in the showcase area.

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File Geodatabase API 1.2 now available! (for Mac too!)

(Update: You can find the most recent release of the File Gdb API right HERE)

The updated File Geodatabase API version 1.2 is HERE!

There is now support for Intel-based Mac!

The minimum supported OS is Snow Leopard 10.6.

The supported compiler is gcc 4.2.1.

What else is new at version 1.2:

  • Structure definitions for curves (CircularArcCurve, BezierCurve, EllipticArcCurve)
  • Macros for error values allowing for more readable code. (NIM077630)
  • HRESULT IFDEFs have been updated to define if they are not set. (NIM071619)
  • File Geodatabase API function parameters are const ref’s where possible. (NIM071620)
  • Coordinate systems supported are updated to match ArcGIS 10.1. (NIM078034)

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