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ArcGIS Pro Virtualization at the 2017 UC


Next week at the 2017 Esri User Conference there will be an area dedicated to ArcGIS Pro virtualization. The Virtualization Island will be adjacent to the ArcGIS Pro Island and is focused exclusively on how to virtualize ArcGIS Pro both … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro Tips: Guide for the Esri UC 2017


As a GIS lover, I’m a geek for data. Here’s the 2017 Esri User Conference by the numbers: 5 days, 300+ exhibitors, 450+ hours of hands-on training, 1000+ sessions, 17,000+ attendees, and several thousand opportunities interact with each other and … Continue reading

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Get the inside scoop on imagery and lidar events at the 2017 Esri UC


Imagery and lidar are an indispensable part of your GIS. From background imagery to change detection to feature extraction and more, imagery and lidar are transforming the geospatial world. At the Esri Imaging & Mapping Forum (Saturday, July 8 – … Continue reading

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Innovative Emerging Partners in the Esri Startup Zone at 2017 Esri UC

Vricon at 2016 SUZ Esri UC

The Esri User Conference (Esri UC), July 10-14, 2017 in San Diego, California is the biggest GIS event globally. It attracts 16,000+ GIS users, managers and developers and includes 1000+ moderated sessions, 450+ hours of training, and 300+ innovative software … Continue reading

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Need ArcGIS Maps Inside Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop? Learn at Esri UC!


Today, GIS users can use ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Online to design public facing maps. We are now enabling users who have invested in the use of Adobe’s design applications to use these tools in conjunction with the ArcGIS … Continue reading

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Innovative Emerging Partners in the Esri Startup Zone at 2016 Esri UC

Jack Dangermond & Esri Startups

The Esri User Conference (Esri UC), June 27-July 1, 2016, in San Diego, California hosts 16,000 GIS users, managers and developers. 300 moderated sessions. 450 hours of technical training. 300 software vendors. Innovative Startup Zones. Inspirational keynotes. Competitions to test … Continue reading

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Water World Speaks to Industry Partners at the Esri User Conference

Amy Bailie, Water World, interviewed several Esri partners while attending the User Conference in San Diego. Water/Wastewater partners were asked about their solutions and how they can help water organizations further benefit from GIS.

Find out how our partners answered questions like:

  • How do managers address the needs of an aging infrastructure in an affordable way?
  • How can the Cloud benefit water utilities?
  • Why is the User Conference important to Esri’s partners?

Watch the video interviews

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2011 UC Public Safety Showcase Highlights ArcGIS as a System

The UC Public Safety Showcase once again gave attendees a chance to discover, share, and grow as professionals. It supplied first hand demos from Esri expert partners and users. From command-level staff to analysts and first responders, there was something for everyone. The Operation SafetyNet demo area-now in its second year and a staple of the Showcase-gave attendees proven examples of effective GIS deployment. A new aspect of the Showcase-the added fire scenario-helped present effective use of Esri technology for managing fire service demands. There were interrelated exhibits for the four public safety workflow patterns-data management, planning and analysis, field mobility, and situational awareness. Real-world users of Esri technology-from law enforcement, emergency management, fire, search and rescue, and homeland security operations-were also on hand in the Showcase area to share their success in meeting mission demands.

Here are some of the post event resources for you:

Photo Album-Check out the photos taken during the event.

Videos from the Public Safety Showcase Demo Theater-This also includes presentations from our Public Safety Showcase Platinum Sponsors:

2011 Esri International User Conference Paper Sessions

We hope to see you next year in San Diego!

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2011 Homeland Security Summit Supplies a Dynamic Line-up of Speakers and Presenters

The 2011 Homeland
Security Summit
was another monumental success, thanks to all of those who
attended. Homeland Security Manager Paul
did a fantastic job organizing a group of compelling speakers.
Attendees helped share their successes and concerns with Esri staff and
partners, ensuring a collaborative process for discovery and growth. There was
something for everyone.


of the highlights included Captain Steve Pollackov, Fire Department of New York
City, talking about looking back 10 years after the World Trade Center
terrorist attacks; Michael Byrne of FEMA talking about using a visual approach
to emergency management, as well as Professor Haruo Hayashi, Kyoto University,
discussing the use of GIS for the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster.

year’s event was held July 9-12 at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego,
California. People from industries such as law
, fire,
, computer-aided
, and emergency
were on hand. New this year, three tracks were offered-one for
executives, one for technical staff, and one featuring lightning talks. The
first catered to senior level decision makers; the second was designed for
public safety GIS practitioners, and the third featured short case studies from
various public safety agencies.

have plenty of online content from the Summit for you to peruse.

of the plenary session are available with the proceedings.  Some of the highlights include:

have a complete library of papers associated with each presentation.

sure to check out the array of pictures showcasing the event

We hope to see you next year. We
promise to work hard to make the conference an even richer, more dynamic event.
The 2012 Esri Homeland Security Summit will be held July 21-24 in San Diego,


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Tools for Social Media

During the Emergency Management Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting (sponsored by IBM) at the Esri International User Conference I gave a talk on Tools for Social Media.  Many of you were interested in the tools so I wanted to share the links via this blog.

Public Information Map

The first tool we talked about was the Public Information Map.  This application is something that we have developed over time to include live mapping in support of our Disaster Response Program website.  The Public Information Map is available as a template that you can download and configure.

There are many live examples of the Public Information Map that you can visit now with current information in support of our Disaster Response Program.  The Public Information Map Template has been configured for:

Also note that Jeff Archer (@vee_dubb) wrote a nice blog post on lessons learned applying this template.

Social Media Widget

Social Media is on a path to evolve to become another critical source of situational awareness just like weather.  A Social Media Widget has been developed to be able to bring in Social Media into command and control applications, such as the Common Operational Picture Template

Here is an example of the Social Media widget in action during the National Level Exercise we tracked the Commonwealth of Kentucky Division of Emergency Management Public Information Officer as she traveled around the State with the Brigadier General:

ArcGIS.com Tweet Mapping Template

As described in this previous ArcGIS Online blog, you can add Twitter to your ArcGIS.com map.  Simply create your ArcGIS.com web map and then share using the Azure Twitter template.   Here’s an example from the #EsriUC and the 5K Fun Run/Walk:

Ushahidi ArcGIS Desktop Add-In

Often times during disasters we will stand up a Trends Map, such as this example from Japan, where we can look at the density of Ushahidi reports visualized as a heat map.  During the flooding in Australia, we took this one step further and put together an ArcGIS Desktop Add-In for Ushahidi data so you could export Ushahidi data in to a local geodatabase to do further analysis.  The Add-In for Australia flooding example can be found on ArcGIS.com.

We are actively working with the Ushahidi community to make this tool more generic and broadly available.  Stay tuned for more information.

ArcGIS Explorer Twitter Add-In

The ArcGIS Explorer Twitter Add-In was updated just before the User Conference.  Here’s an example screenshot of a slightly earlier version of the tool from when FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate (@CraigAtFEMA) came to visit Esri last year.


There you have it, a tour of some of the Social Media Tools
and Templates from Esri that we discussed during the Emergency Management SIG.  This is an area that we continue to do more
research and development on.  Watch
Twitter and the blogs for more updates!

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