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The Second Day of the Twelve Days of Esri Holiday Maps – Cell Phones

On the second day of the holiday, Esri gives to you…

A map showing the potential for buying cell phones and PDAs. 

Are you planning on buying a cell phone or PDA for someone this holiday? 

This map utilizes Esri’s Market Potential data to illustrate the potential for cell phone and PDA purchases in the last twelve months by county in the U.S.  Areas with a higher likelihood to purchase cell phones are shaded in dark red. 

For more information on Esri Data, please visit http://www.esri.com/data/esri_data/index.html

Tune in tomorrow for the next map in our Twelve Days of Esri Holiday Maps series.

Happy Holidays from Esri!

By Catherine Spisszak

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The First Day of the Twelve Days of Esri Holiday Maps – Toys and Games

On the first day of the holiday, Esri gives to you…A map showing the potential for buying children’s toys and games.

Welcome to Esri’s Twelve Days of Holiday Maps!

Short on gift ideas? Or, curious about where the biggest demand for typical holiday purchases is across the U.S.?  Over the next twelve business days, we’ll show you the areas where demand is highest for the season’s most popular presents.


This map of the U.S. by county was created using Esri’s Market Potential data for children’s toy or game purchases over the last twelve months.  For more information about Esri Data, please visit http://www.esri.com/data/esri_data/index.html 

Happy Holidays from Esri!

By Catherine Spisszak

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For all the turkeys out there…

Thanksgiving time is here again and most of you probably have a turkey dinner in your future.  Aside from the bird lucky enough to get pardoned by the president, it’s a tough time of year for turkeys.  So, we thought we would help them out and use Esri Data to find areas in the U.S. where turkeys might find some safety.

To create this map, we combined Esri Market Potential data for consumption of turkey, gravy, and stuffing with data on where people hunt with shotguns.  Any place with low consumption or less hunting has a margin of safety for turkeys. 

For more information about Esri Data, please visit http://www.esri.com/data/esri_data/index.html

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Online Access in Business Analyst 10

 By Lucy Guerra

Did you know that in Business Analyst 10 you can access data in the cloud? All it takes is an Esri global account, an email to get BAO subscription access, and few little changes in Preferences. Read on or view a quick video here.

In Business Analyst 10, online access to reports and data is implemented directly into the wizards. This means that you can continue to go about your regular workflow and gain access to more data and reports at the same time. You’ll see this in the Reports wizard, many Analysis wizards, and in Color-Coded Maps.

There are three easy steps to making this all available:

1) Make sure you have an Esri Global Account. Or create one here.

2) Make sure that you’ve got BAO subscription access. Contact Customer Service with your customer number, global account user name, and contact information.

3) In Business Analyst, go to Preferences, to the Online tab…

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Product Documentation for Business Analyst 10

 By Lucy Guerra

You may have noticed that a Documentation directory is no longer installed with Business Analyst Desktop at the 10 release. The information that was formerly stored in that directory is now available on the Resource Center. You can easily access this information by going to http://resources.arcgis.com/ba.

Click on Business Analyst Desktop and on the left side of the page you will see links to lots of useful information about the product.


Click on Help to view an up-to-date version of the help system that was shipped with the product.  New information will be added and existing topics updated as it becomes necessary. 

Click on Documentation to see Data Dictionaries, Tutorials, What’s New, and other resources.

Click on Whitepapers to view data methodology and a variable list. Some items in this section are “locked” meaning that you’ll need to use your Esri Global Account to sign in and view.



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Dude, What’s Your Segment?

by James Killick

Ever wondered what socio-economic segment you fall into? Well, now you can find out using our brand new ZIP Lookup App at esri.com/zipcodelookup!

This great new app allows you to check out any ZIP code in the USA and find out what kind of people live there based on their Esri Tapestry Segment. In my case, ZIP code 92373, the most prevalent segment, is “Connoisseurs” … woo hoo — I must be doing alright!

But that’s not all, the app will also give you facts about household income, growth rates, unemployment, age breakdown, race/ethnicity breakdown and more.

And the best thing of all – it’s completely free so check it out now!

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How Business Analyst Online Helps Recruit Retailers to Your Town (Case Study Podcast)

 by Brenda Wolfe

Have you been wondering what tools can help your economic development efforts to woo businesses to your community? 

You might learn some new tips and tricks in this podcast.  Kathie Thurston, Executive Director of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce in Redlands, California, discusses how the demographic analysis tools in ESRI Business Analyst Online helped the chamber successfully fill a key commercial vacancy for the city. 

Give it a listen!

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2010/2015 Esri Demographic Data now available in the Demographic and Income Profile

by Catherine Spisszak

Esri is proud to announce that our 2010/2015 Updated Demographic Data is now available on the Demographic and Income Profile in Business Analyst Online.

2010 Demographic Trends

  • 98% of counties show a decline in median income for 2010
  • 10 states lost population 2009 to 2010, including Florida and Michigan
  • More than half of the counties (54%) lost population 2009-2010
  • Fastest-growing counties 2000-10 are familiar, but with slower rates of growth:
    • Kendall County, Illinois (Chicago metro area)
    • Pinal County, Arizona (Phoenix metro area)
    • Rockwall County, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth metro area)
  • 2010 Hispanic population is 50.5 million, 16.2 percent of U.S. population
  • U.S. home ownership dips again to 65.8 percent in 2010; 42 states also in decline
  • 2010 median household income fell 0.45% from $54,719 in 2009 to $54,442

Business Analyst Online users (both subscribers and guests) can access the 2010/2015 data on the 2010 Demographic and Income Profile beginning today (May 4th, 2010). The report is also available through the Business Analyst Online API.

Business Analyst Desktop users will be able to access the 2010 Demographic and Income Profile report and data from within Business Analyst Desktop on May 19th when the Business Analyst Online Reports Add-In is available. The Add-In is a bridge from Esri’s Desktop products to demographic reports and data from Business Analyst Online and it can be downloaded for free from the

The Business Analyst Team

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Celebrate Earth Day with ESRI Data

 by Catherine Spisszak

As we celebrate Earth Day, we should all make an effort to be environmentally conscious. Esri Data can provide a glimpse of where in the country people are making strides all year long to improve the environment and take care of our planet.

Using the Market Potential Data from ESRI, we can map the U.S. counties according to their likelihood to participate in a couple of different environmentally conscious activities.

Recycling Products

Falls Church city, Virginia and Pitkin County, Colorado rank highest in the likelihood to recycle products in the last 12 months, according to their Market Potential Index (MPI). You can see how much the rest of the country is recycling in the map below. Counties that are shaded green are indexing the highest, and therefore doing their part to care for the environment.

Buying a Tree
Counties that rank high in the demand for trees in the last 12 months are Rappahannock County, New York and Archuleta County, Colorado. The map below shows the Market Potential Indexes for purchasing a tree in the last 12 months across the country. Counties shaded in dark orange and brown show a demand for purchasing trees much higher than the national average.

Purchasing Vegetable Seeds
Finally, it’s hard to read the papers or watch the news right now and avoid hearing about the importance of eating fresh vegetables and planting your own garden – for both the planet and your waistline. So which counties are actually listening? Juniata County, Pennsylvania and Madison County, Virginia show very high demand for vegetable seeds in the last twelve months according to their Market Potential Index, both more than double the U.S. average. Any county shaded in green in the map below is showing a higher demand for vegetable seeds than the U.S. average…and with all the media focus, it seems like the demand will only grow in the future.

All of these maps were developed using ESRI Market Potential Data and the Business Analyst Desktop product. For more information about ESRI Data please visit http://www.esri.com/data/esri_data/index.html

Happy Earth Day!

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So just where do people watch American Idol?

by James Killick


The team working on Business Analyst Online is hard at work on the next release of the product, and we’ve got some really exciting new features on the way. One of them you will enjoy just for the sheer fun of exploring…

I’m sure you are familiar with the three basic maps you get in consumer online maps — streets, aerial and terrain. If you’re already a user of Business Analyst Online you will know that we provide access to not just three maps, but hundreds and hundreds of maps – maps on demographics, consumer spending, market segmentation and more.

In the next release of Business Analyst Online, we’re releasing thousands of more maps based on our Market Potential data. With this data you can start to drill into the nitty gritty details of information that may be of relevance to your particular store or business. Here’s a tiny, tiny sample of the kind of new things you will be able to map:


Here’s how you will get to it in Business Analyst Online (note the search capability):



And here’s how it will look in Business Analyst Online — in this case where people watch American Idol the most in the San Francisco Bay Area:


Have fun exploring!

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