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Are you getting GPU errors while executing the Viewshed 2 tool?


The Viewshed 2 tool is a visibility analysis tool released in ArcGIS 10.3 and ArcGIS Pro 1.0. The tool takes advantage of a GPU processor by default if one is available on your computer. As GPU graphics cards are commonly … Continue reading

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Editing Toolbar Install Problems

To install the template you need 3 things:

1. Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework – This is a free download from Microsoft. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa731542.aspx

2. ArcGIS Desktop 93 or 93SP1

3. The .NET support feature of ArcGIS Desktop

a. To get the NET support feature of ArcGIS Desktop have this you need to install Desktop after Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework is installed on your machine


b. Make sure you have your ArcGIS Desktop DVD or CD inserted into your machine. Go to addremove programs dialog >Select ArcGIS Desktop> Select changeremove > select modify (you will see the dialog below) > Click on the .net support feature > select “will be installed on your local drive” > Next > Next then try to install the template.

If this does not resolve your problem, let us know and we can track down the problem.




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New Error Reporting in ArcGIS 9.3

One of the new capabilities of ArcGIS 9.3 is the ability to send error reports to ESRI anytime that ArcGIS fails.  Problems due to memory leaks, hardware limitations, incompatible third-party extensions, and others have been known to be disruptive to your work and can be extremely frustrating.  We expect this new functionality will help us identify and solve problems quicker and more completely than ever before.

This post here in the Geodatabase Development Blog goes into this further and includes a link to a short two-minute video from Todd Stellhorn (development lead for ArcGIS 9.3) who describes how this works in more detail.

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