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Use ArcGIS Pro to save mountain lions in Southern California


Southern California, although brimming with roads and people, includes mountainous areas that serve as sanctuaries for a surprisingly diverse array of wildlife. Among them are mountain lions — alternatively known as cougars and panthers — who risk life while stalking … Continue reading

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Why your output raster is larger than your environment extent?

Spatial Analyst environment extent

When using a geoprocessing tool, for example Hillshade, when you specify an extent in the environment settings, you might have noticed sometimes that your output raster is slightly larger than your specified extent. Ever wondered what is going on inside the box? … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Environmental Screening


The Environmental Screening solution enables interested parties to evaluate potential impacts to the natural environment based on proposed projects or development initiatives. The application uses Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS and a new widget, the Screening widget, to analyze your environmental … Continue reading

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ArcGIS for Environment and Natural Resources


Our Environmental Solutions include configurations of ArcGIS to support many facets of work across Environmental Organizations. A few areas of focus for us have been: solutions to support assessment of potential impacts of projects to the natural landscape, the collection, … Continue reading

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Data and Maps for ArcGIS (2015) is now available!


Data and Maps is a collection of ready-to-use maps and data layers, including a variety of basemap and thematic layers for the United States, Europe, and the world. There is commercial data from TomTom, Michael Bauer Research, DeLorme, and Esri; … Continue reading

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ArcGIS for State Government – What’s New

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.47.12 AM

We’ve released a number of new ArcGIS for State Government Solutions, as well as, updates to existing offerings we previously shipped. Some of the highlights include  updates to following offerings: Economic Development, Transportation and Environment and Natural Resources and Fish … Continue reading

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The new ScratchGDB and ScratchFolder environments


One of the enhancements to the 10.1 release was the addition of two new environment variables (scratchFolder and scratchGDB) as mentioned in the What’s New for Geoprocessing in 10.1. (If you haven’t read it, check out all enhancements!). While new … Continue reading

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Protect your resources with Esri's GIS technology

Join Esri at the 2011 World Environment & Water Resources Congress

Integrate your data and get a consolidated view of your water resources. Esri’s GIS technology provides an enterprise wide solution that will help your organization analyze and visualize your information in a way that can help to manage effectively, disseminate information, and keep your water source healthy.

Schedule an appointment to meet with us.

EWRI  - Palm Springs Convention Center,  May 22-26, 2011,  Palm Springs, CA

Booth # 104

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