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Make a Demographic Map in 5 Minutes

No data? No problem.

You can use Esri’s demographics to add valuable context to your GIS analyses. Learn more about the people, housing, and businesses in your area of interest, see patterns of income, or understand how a population is changing in the next 5 years. Continue reading

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Demographic data unavailable for the following country regions with disputed territories or sparse populations

Esri provides a vast array of global demographic data available through ArcGIS Online premium content and the GeoEnrichment service. These services allow you to create meaningful visual displays, enrich your own data and create customized reports with Business Analyst. Visit our Demographic Coverage Story Map for details on current coverage. Continue reading

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New Learn ArcGIS Lesson: Live Above, Shop Below

Live Above, Shop Below

By Tim Ormsby, Learn ArcGIS Team An area with suitable mixed-use development is one with shops and restaurants at ground level and housing three or four floors above. Finding the proper suitable areas can be difficult—you need to know the target demographic … Continue reading

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