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Embedding a Story Map within a Story Map


Embedded maps and media are an inherent and essential part of any story map. But in certain cases you may want to embed more than just a map—you may want to embed another story map to help tell your story, … Continue reading

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Embedding Story Maps in websites and blogs


Story Maps let you combine maps with text, images, and multimedia content, making it easy to leverage geography to tell your story. You can view lots of examples from Esri and the Story Maps user community at the Story Maps … Continue reading

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Using groups to deliver access to maps and apps


Groups offer a convenient and easy way to organize items for access within your organization and publicly. They are also building blocks for your organization home, used to configure the featured content, gallery, basemaps, apps, and Open Data sites. Group content can … Continue reading

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Embed a Presentation In Your Website


One of the ways you can share a presentation is to add it to your website or blog. Using Share, ArcGIS Online provides the HTML you need and enables you to set options for the embedded presentation size and links … Continue reading

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How to Embed a Map Gallery in a Web Page

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You’ve put together a gallery of your authoritative maps and now you want to share it. Of course you can feature the gallery on your ArcGIS Online home page, but you can also embed it in your organization’s website, blog, … Continue reading

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Embedding ArcGIS Online web maps in iBooks


(Contributed by Owen Evans, Esri solution engineer). Embedding maps on the web is a great way to bring your content to places it will benefit people the most such as blog posts, news articles, and press releases. Another place that web … Continue reading

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Major Cities Chiefs & ArcGIS Explorer Online

The Major Cities Chiefs (MCC) is a professional organization of police executives representing the largest cities in the United States and Canada. The organization has recently published two very interesting maps on their website that were made using ArcGIS Explorer Online. Let’s take a closer look and see how they’ve leveraged Explorer Online’s capabilities.

The first map is an embedded map on their Member Cities site. The map enables visitors to navigate to an area of interest and click member city locations to view more information. Locations were obtained from a CSV file and imported onto the Explorer map. The configured pop-up includes a link to each department website:

Clicking the View Detailed Map link under the embeded map opens ArcGIS Explorer Online with a dashboard that includes several gadgets that enable users to learn more about staff composition in each department, population, budget, and crime activity compared to national averages. Just click a location to activate the gadgets:

To learn more about how to make similar maps for use on your website, see the following help topics:

Import CSV data

About configuring pop-up windows

Link to a map (scroll down to view the embedding a map in a website section)

About the map dashboard


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Leveraging ArcGIS Online For Your Organization

Lots of organizations are sharing maps and apps on ArcGIS Online. Many are looking to create a better ArcGIS Online presence, while others are looking to leverage what they’ve shared on ArcGIS Online within their own websites. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways you can accomplish this.

We’ll also be announcing additional opportunities and capabilities for organizational use and customization of ArcGIS Online at the upcoming 2011 Esri International User Conference in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for more information.

ArcGIS Online groups can be used to create an online presence for an organization. Here’s an example from the European Environment Agency. The group features the EEA logo for branding, has a concise summary description about the group, and when you open the group details contains lots more information and links to websites and other resources.

Another way an organization can leverage ArcGIS Online is by embedding maps within their own website or blogs. Here’s an example of an embedded ArcGIS Online map in a conference website.

Individual maps can also be leveraged and placed within a page. Right click on a thumbnail in the item details or gallery to get the URL to its stored location on ArcGIS Online (using Chrome, this is different for other browsers) and use the link to add it to your Web page. Then add the link to open the map from ArcGIS Online to the thumbnail.

Here’s an example below that uses the soils map thumbnail from the ArcGIS.com gallery and links to open the soils map in the ArcGIS.com map viewer:

View soils map 





Finally, here’s a really great example of leveraging ArcGIS Online to create a custom mapping portal. The site is part of the geospatial data clearinghouse for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The KyGovMaps site includes links to maps, applications, and iPhone and iPad apps, and is a great example of how you can leverage the ArcGIS Online platform for storing maps and using free viewers to provide broader access to your geographic information.

The site was based upon the govmaps.org template which Esri showcased at the Federal User Conference earlier this year.  

So there are lots of options to leverage ArcGIS Online for your organization, and we’ll be announcing more options and capabilities for organizational use and customization of ArcGIS Online at the upcoming 2011 Esri International User Conference.


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