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Refreshing dynamic layers automatically


Some layers in your web map may be dynamic, meaning they are being updated at regular intervals. For example, a GeoRSS feed, earth observations from the Living Atlas, or a feature service being updated by workers performing edits while in … Continue reading

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Server Object Interceptor (SOI) to Visualize Features with On The Fly Aggregated Values from Time-Series or Historical Observation Data

aggregated layer no UI

A sample SOI (Server Object Interceptor) is made available that helps visualize on the fly aggregated results by overcoming challenges presented in an earlier blog post. A map service, powered by this SOI, can be used in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer … Continue reading

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Smart Mapping with dynamic workspaces


Not too long ago I wrote a post about how and why you may want to use Smart Mapping in custom web apps using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The sample featured in that post showed how to dynamically change … Continue reading

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Using Yahoo! Pipes to create dynamic map layers

Yahoo! Pipes are a handy way to aggregate web feeds and other information from various sources. One way to think of Pipes is as a way to create data/information mashups, just like we can create ArcGIS Online web maps by mashing up a variety of map layers. An interesting aspect of Pipes is that we can leverage them in the context of our ArcGIS Online web maps, and use them to create dynamic layers using URL-located KML or CSV files as mappable information sources.

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Uploading client data to perform thematic mapping on the server

You might have read this blog post about dynamic layers in ArcGIS 10.1 for Server that describes how you can change a map service layer’s symbology on a per-request basis. In this blog post, I’ll describe a JavaScript application that takes dynamic layers to the next step and allows server-side thematic mapping using data from your local machine. Server-side rendering is useful, especially when downloading features onto a client’s browser is expensive. For example, in this particular app downloading all 3,000+ county polygons onto a client’s browser could be very slow, assuming the server is even allowed to send that many features at once.

You can try the application here:

Test application for uploading client data

This application allows a client to upload a CSV file onto the server and to draw counties based on an attribute from the uploaded file. As part of that process, the application executes a geoprocessing task which converts the CSV file into a table in a file geodatabase, then sets a join and a renderer to a sublayer in the dynamic map service layer. Note that every draw request that goes to the map service needs to include the full definition of the join and the renderer because requests are stateless. Continue reading

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