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Mastering the Space Time Continuum: Considerations for Publishing Date Fields to the Web


Have you ever published data with date/time fields as map services or feature services? After they were published and added to a web map and app, did the date and/or time display incorrectly? Did you spend a few hours trying … Continue reading

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Best Practices for using Tile Layers as Operational Layers


Complex global geometries can sometimes be slow to draw in web apps, especially if the data includes multiple countries with islands, long coastlines, and jagged boundaries. Make tile layers your operational layer type of choice to optimize drawing performance of complex geometries at small … Continue reading

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Table to App – Part 1: Create Data

ArcGIS Onine

Have you ever found a table of data with some basic spatial fields like ZIP Codes or states and thought, this would be really interesting data to map? After assigning geospatial locations, have you wondered about the best way to … Continue reading

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Using Living Atlas subscriber content in public maps and apps


The Living Atlas of the World is a collection of thousands of maps, data, imagery, tools, and apps produced by Esri and its partners, as well as ArcGIS users worldwide. It is a curated subset of ArcGIS Online items contributed and maintained … Continue reading

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Adding and using photos and images in ArcGIS Online


You can add, share, and manage many types of items in ArcGIS Online. While not specifically intended as a warehouse for photos and other kinds of images, you may find that storing these item types in your account is useful. … Continue reading

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Using the Time Aware configurable app template


Map layers may contain temporal data—an attribute field containing the date and time that something happened. These temporal events can occur in the same place, or can occur in different places, over the course of time. For example, the recorded … Continue reading

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Make a Demographic Map in 5 Minutes

No data? No problem.

You can use Esri’s demographics to add valuable context to your GIS analyses. Learn more about the people, housing, and businesses in your area of interest, see patterns of income, or understand how a population is changing in the next 5 years. Continue reading

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Refreshing dynamic layers automatically


Some layers in your web map may be dynamic, meaning they are being updated at regular intervals. For example, a GeoRSS feed, earth observations from the Living Atlas, or a feature service being updated by workers performing edits while in … Continue reading

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Authoring maps that update using CSV files


Comma-separated Value files (CSV) and text files can be added from local files or referenced from URL locations on the Web. An interesting feature of adding CSV and text files via URL locations is that each time you open your map, or otherwise refresh the … Continue reading

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Designing web map pop-ups


Web maps can communicate a wealth of information through their cartographic design. They can deliver even more when combined with well-designed pop-ups that appear when users touch the map.  Poorly designed pop-ups, however, can quickly confuse and frustrate your audience. … Continue reading

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