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The Living Atlas of the World now includes the Esri Drought Tracker App

Esri Drought Tracker - Overall

Esri Drought Tracker allows anyone to explore the current and historic levels of drought intensity affecting the USA from Jan 2000 to present. Drought is a prolonged period of less than normal water conditions. Drought can be recognized as a … Continue reading

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Introducing Esri’s Four-Part Technical Webinar-Series: Save Water with ArcGIS

Conserving water is a strategic priority for many water utilities, especially those facing drought. Yet conservation is complex. There are too many moving pieces to have a single, silver-bullet solution.  To conserve water in an appreciable way, your utility must focus on increasing water efficiency and reducing customer demand.

You can do both with ArcGIS. Map-based visuals, spatial analytics, and collaboration capabilities help you deploy proven workflows, templates, and applications that save water. Continue reading

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Soil Moisture Mapping of Drought in Texas

Soil Moisture Mapping of Drought in Texas

by Johnny Sullivan, Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Research in Water Resources, The University of Texas at Austin, johnrsull@utexas.edu It is unclear at present exactly how climate change will affect global precipitation patterns on a long-term time scale. The Intergovernnmental … Continue reading

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