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Blog Series – Importing and Using Your Own Data in Business Analyst – (1 of 6) Building Custom Data

  by Kyle Watson

This is the first entry of a six part product team blog series that will walk you through importing your custom data and exposing it in multiple aspects of Business Analyst – such as maps, reports, analysis, and applications.  The upcoming entries will highlight some great tips and tricks for all things Business Analyst customization.  Check out the original post here.

In this entry I will focus on building custom data.

The Story:

We want to analyze and understand cancer risk scenarios across the United States.  We’ll do so by combining publicly available nationwide EPA data with Esri Data variables to form a Custom BDS layer.  You’ll be able to download and replay this scenario – or apply the concepts to your own organization.  Continue reading

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Community Analyst Webinar Featuring the City of Fullerton

 by Brenda Wolfe

This Thursday, September 15, Diana McCarthy from the City of Fullerton will demonstrate how she has used Community Analyst in several projects for the city.  For example, she used the product to determine whether or not a pedestrian bridge should be built connecting the university campus with a nearby neighborhood.  I won’t give away the answer here, so sign-up for the Directions Magazine webinar and learn more about this story as well as others from Diana. 


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Using Esri Business Analyst USA and Canada Editions to Hypothesize Why Hamilton Ontario Didn't Get an NHL Team

  by Kyle Watson

The National Hockey League Commissioner, Gary Bettman, wouldn’t allow a new or relocated franchise in Hamilton, Ontario of all places.  Most likely due to a sandbox feud with that one guy who makes BlackBerry phones (are those the phones that still have buttons?).  But I got to thinking, maybe there’s a different angle…and if so I would need to enlist the analytical help of both Esri Business Analyst’s USA and Canadian Editions side-by-side.  We’ve seen an uptick in the usage of these together in several multinational companies and North American partners.

So my theory isn’t that Hamilton couldn’t support a team, but rather it would become a market dominating hockey mad superpower franchise – based on the sheer number of people living in the surrounding areas (too big to fail!).  There’s just too much existing fan overlap.  Now I don’t think that’s rocket science, but I’ll need the stats to back it up…so here it goes. Continue reading

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Automate your Business Analyst workflows with ModelBuilder

  by Kyle Watson


At the 2011 User Conference I spoke with countless clients about how they were using Business Analyst.  It really is a full spectrum of users…some uber GIS power users, some casual map enthusiasts with an eye for statistics.  But I did hear from more than a few that they were “looking into creating models but don’t really know where to get started.”

So I wanted to take a moment and show an example how you can use ModelBuilder to automate your everyday workflows. Continue reading

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Download Online Demographic Data to Your Desktop

  by Kyle Watson

With Business Analyst 10 Desktop Service Pack 2, it’s now easier to access online datasets through reports and the Color-Coded Maps toolbar.  This is primarily for display and discovery, so let’s make sure you are aware that you can also download the online datasets and work with them locally.

Exposing the various datasets online is quite convenient.  It’s a mix of Desktop, API, Online, and Server.  You never have to wait for new datasets to be shipped to you on USB media or DVDs.  They are uploaded and available for more in-depth analysis. Continue reading

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Community Analyst is Now Available

By Donna Buhr

It’s official – Community Analyst is available for the public! I am so excited that everyone now has access to the wealth of data and analysis features available in Community Analyst. I know all you lucky beta users have been enjoying the product for several months and you have been feeling quite smug that you discovered this treasure first. But now it’s time you let others in on your wonderful little secret so they too can reap the benefits of using the product. Beta users can still have bragging rights that you tried it first. Continue reading

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Business Search in Community Analyst

 by Sooria Jeyaraman
Community Analyst provides a variety of capabilities to search for businesses, establishments or institutions. You can search for any business type within the application, apply it on the map and use it for further analysis. The two different types of business search mechanisms within Community Analyst are Infogroup and Bing business search. Both search types are available and allow you to choose whichever meets your needs best.
Click on the Explore Community tab and, once the tab opens, you’ll see a search box to the far right in the sub menu. Clicking on the arrow will reveal the the search options. Continue reading

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ArcGIS.com Maps in Community Analyst

 by Sooria Jeyaraman

Hello Community Analyst users, I am the user experience architect for Community Analyst. This is an exciting product and we’re very excited to have you on board. You will be hearing from me a lot on user interface (UI) specifics, general usability and user experience of the application. 

As you all know in our latest beta release of Community Analyst we have added more basemaps to the product, this was covered in a previous blogpost. Another exciting addition to the basemaps is the integration of maps from ArcGIS.com. I would like to take a moment and explain in detail how to use this feature in Community Analyst. Continue reading

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Census 2010 Data Available Now in Business Analyst Online

By Catherine Spisszak

Your wait is over.  Esri has officially released Census 2010 data in Business Analyst Online.  This release of the Census 2010 Redistricting data includes Total Population, Race and Hispanic Origin, Population Age 18 years or older, and Housing Units (Occupied and Vacant). The Census 2010 data is available immediately from Esri in reporting, dynamic color-coded maps, Smart Map Search, and in geographies not available from the Census Bureau in 2010 geographic boundaries.

Esri is not just releasing the Census 2010 data. Esri has added value to the Census 2010 data in three distinct ways: Continue reading

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