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Exploring 3D object data in a custom web app


In a session titled 3D Visualization with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript at the 2017 Esri User Conference (UC), Javier Gutierrez and I demonstrated some of the new visualization capabilities available in the JavaScript API. I’m particularly excited about Smart … Continue reading

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Creating a predominance visualization with Arcade

Educational attainment in Mexcio

At the March 2017 Esri Developer Summit, Dave Bayer and I gave a presentation on how to use Arcade expressions in web apps built on the ArcGIS platform. In that presentation I demonstrated a succinct way to create a predominance … Continue reading

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Using Smart Mapping in custom web apps


Smart Mapping was released last year in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, ArcGIS Online, and Portal for ArcGIS, providing easy-to-use tools for generating attractive default visualizations of geographic data on the web. The ArcGIS Online Map Viewer fully equips users … Continue reading

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What’s New in Smart Mapping (March 2016)

Predominance example

With the March 2016 release of ArcGIS Online, anyone can analyze and map multiple columns of related data, in order to determine which has the highest, or predominant, value for each feature. Try a predominance map any time you see … Continue reading

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