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Using spatial analysis to measure city accessibility by intersection density


Past work has shown the more accessible an urban area, the more walking and public transit use is promoted, whilst car journeys and traffic speeds are reduced.  What makes an area accessible and how do we determine if an area … Continue reading

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Evaluating Data Readiness for Loading into the Parcel Fabric (Continued…)

In the previous blog post, I discussed several of the attribute checks you could use to validate attribute updates made on the source parcel data before loading into the fabric. As a continuation, in this post I’ll discuss how to use the geometry and topology checks included in ArcGIS Data Reviewer.
Several checks exist that can help with examining the geometry of the lines and polygons. The first, Invalid Geometry check, looks for features with empty or null geometries as well as non-simple geometries. This check can be run on both the Parcel_Lines and Parcel_Polygons feature classes.

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