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Styler: A new configurable app template for creating 2D and 3D map apps


Design, style, and share Creating and sharing great looking mapping apps just got easier! Just in time for the Developer Summit, there’s a new app template in town called Styler. If you look in the ArcGIS configurable apps gallery you’ll find one for … Continue reading

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What’s New in Configurable Apps (March 2017)


The March 2017 release for ArcGIS Online is a significant release providing updates and new functionality in many areas.  For configurable apps, this release is strongly focused on bug fixes and stabilization, but we also want to highlight a few … Continue reading

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Use the Time Aware Template to Show Live Forecast Data


With the March update to ArcGIS Online, the Time Aware configurable app template will support live forecast data.  The Time Aware app dynamically shows changes in data through time.  It supports static and live data while adding support for live … Continue reading

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Introducing Shared Theme: a new app styling capability in ArcGIS Online


At Esri we are working hard to make our users successful.  One of the challenges organizations have faced is the ability to easily apply a consistent thematic flavor to information products created using our suite of configurable apps. With the … Continue reading

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Add maps with scale bars to Story Maps


When you add web maps to your story map, the scale bar is omitted. Why? The scale bar may be unneeded for your story, and the map and its context may provide all you need. Another reason is that at … Continue reading

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Quickly share your map using an app


If you want to share your map with others, using configurable apps is easy, and preferable to sharing using the map viewer. But if you need to share a map quickly, you don’t have to take the extra steps to … Continue reading

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Apps that showcase your maps


Configurable app templates and Story Maps are a great way to share your web maps with others. Many of these templates offer tools and capabilities targeted towards specific uses and workflows, and all offer configurable options that don’t require any coding. But sometimes you’ve … Continue reading

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Live Data Options with the Time Aware Template


The Time Aware configurable app template provides the ability to animate changes in data through time.  Additionally, it provides a set of live data options can be used to keep the time extent of the app in sync with the data that … Continue reading

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Prepare for Election Web App Season with these Best Practices

ArcGIS Onine

Election Web Apps are in demand. They help the public understand where to vote, report/predict results and tell the story of this unprecedented election. As the Election Web App season is about to launch into high gear, be aware that  … Continue reading

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Accessibility Guidelines: Color Contrast Testing for Configurable Apps

Many of the configurable applications available in ArcGIS Online allow you to choose a custom color scheme for the application. This lets you customize the app color scheme to match your organization colors, fit your app theme or just pick your favorite colors.

When choosing colors for your app it’s a good idea to consider the color contrast ratio to ensure that there is enough contrast between the text color and background so people with low vision can read the text.  This is especially important if your web application needs to conform to 508 or WCAG 2.0 standards. Continue reading

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