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Innovative Emerging Partners in the Esri Startup Zone at 2017 Esri UC

Vricon at 2016 SUZ Esri UC

The Esri User Conference (Esri UC), July 10-14, 2017 in San Diego, California is the biggest GIS event globally. It attracts 16,000+ GIS users, managers and developers and includes 1000+ moderated sessions, 450+ hours of training, and 300+ innovative software … Continue reading

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Catch Innovative Emerging Businesses at Esri’s 2017 FedGIS Startup Zone

SUZ demo

In a few days over 4,000 professionals gather at the 2017 Esri Federal GIS Conference (#FedGIS), February 13-14, to explore ground-breaking ways government uses geospatial technology to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Join our community and Esri President, Jack Dangermond, … Continue reading

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Esri Startups at LAUNCH Festival 2016

Esri & Everyhome at LAUNCH

Ever since the California Gold Rush, entrepreneurs have flocked to San Francisco to strike gold. Merchants, shipbuilders, bankers, and tech companies have all staked their claim in the City by the Bay. The latest entrepreneurs, a slew of startups born … Continue reading

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Eye-Catching Esri-based Apps Developed at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Happy Parent Club - Esri Winner

Last week Esri’s Startup and Developer Team attended TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015. TCdisrupt debuts revolutionary startups, introduces game-changing technologies, and discusses what’s top of mind for the tech industry’s key innovators. Disrupt gathers the best and brightest entrepreneurs, investors, hackers, … Continue reading

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Esri presentations, panels, and open-source projects at FOSS4G-North America

FOSS4G NA 2013 logo

This week a few members of the Esri team will be at the FOSS4G North America held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. FOSS4G-NA is yearly regional event of OSGeo – the Open Source Geospatial Foundation – highlighting community projects, open-source tools, and … Continue reading

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Come meet the Raster team at the 2012 Esri Developer Summit

Come meet the Raster team at the 2012 Esri Developer Summit

This year’s Esri Developer Summit will take place from March 26th to March 29th at the Palm Springs Convention Center.
        More information about the 2011 Developer Summitt
        View the Agenda

Come by and meet the members of the Raster Team, whether you have a question, or just want to meet some of the team. There are several way to meet us: you can come by the Showcase Area, you can attend our Technical Workshops or Demo Theaters, or you can join us at the Meet the Team event.  Continue reading

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With the 2011 Esri International User Conference behind us, for those that couldn’t make it this year or want to review what they learned, here’s a listing of what went on for the Electric and Gas community;

Plenary Videos – http://www.esri.com/events/user-conference/agenda/plenary-videos.html

Paper Sessions – http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/proc11/index.html (Perform a search for ‘electic’ or ‘gas’ will give you the desired results)

Esri Flickr Feed – http://www.flickr.com/photos/esri/sets/72157626931906460/

Remember to register for this years EGUG Conference in Columbia, SC hosted by SCANA.

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Geodatabase Modeling and Design SIG at the User Conference

This Special Interest Group will discuss available and forthcoming GDB design tools, patterns, and emerging  issues. The group will provide participants with an opportunity to communicate their  database design and modeling requirements to Esri staff who will be present.

Here’s the link to the online agenda: http://events.esri.com/uc/2011/infoWeb/OnlineAgenda/?fa=ofg_details_form&ScheduleID=2755

For more information visit: http://spatialdba.com/

Please take a minute to fill out the following survey: http://spatialdba.com/limesurvey/index.php?sid=72916&lang=en

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Electric, Gas, and Pipeline Events and Activities at the User Conference

With the 2011 Esri International User Conference starting in a few days, I wanted to inform and encourage you to attend the many electric, gas, and pipeline events and activities going on at the UC.

Here’s an online utilities agenda to help with your planning; http://www.esri.com/events/user-conference/agenda/flyers/2011-electic-gas.pdf

For more information about the User Conference, please visit; http://www.esri.com/events/user-conference/index.html

See you in San Diego!!

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Raster and Imagery sessions at the User Conference


This year at the User Conference, there are plenty of ImageryRaster related presentations to attend.  Here is a list of Technical Workshops, Technical Sessions, and Demo Theaters that are geared towards the Imagery community.

Also, don’t forget about the Imagery at UC2011 that is taking place as well.


Technical workshop – 75 min

Introduction imagery and raster data in ArcGIS
Type: Technical Workshop (75 min)
Presenters: Simon W. and  Cody B.
Description: Imagery and raster data can come from various raster formats and services. Come to learn how to use ArcGIS to incorporate various sources of imagery and raster data into your projects. This session will introduce you to the fundamental properties of this data, such as bit depth, statistics and pyramids that affect the display and what you can do with it. Learn how to easily modify or improve the appearance, how to perform some processing, and interact with it to obtain the information it can provide.
Time: Tues 1:30-2:45, room 15 A
Wed 3:15-4:30, room 15 A

Managing imagery and raster data using mosaic datasets
Type: Technical Workshop (75 min)
Presenters: Hong X. and  Prashant M.
Description: The mosaic dataset is a new data model for cataloging and processing imagery and raster data.  You can create simple to complex mosaic datasets. They’re designed for fast display, image processing, easy updating, and publishing. This session will teach you how to manage your collections for raster and image data by introducing you to the mosaic dataset and the recommended workflows for building them.
Time: Tues 3:15-4:30, room 15 A
Wed 8:30-9:45, room 15 A

Sharing imagery and raster data in ArcGIS
Type: Technical Workshop (75 min)
Presenters: Melanie H and  Wenxue J.
Description: There are several ways to share your imagery and raster data in ArcGIS, including moving collections, creating packages and publishing image services. This workshop will discuss each but will focus on image services and their capabilities for providing imagery and raster data within your organization and over the Web.
Time: Tues 3:15-4:30, room 14 A
Wed 1:30-2:45, room 14 A

Satellite and aerial imagery support in ArcGIS
Type: Technical Workshop (75 min)
Presenters: Vinay V. and  Mike M.
Description: The mosaic dataset is the data model for managing all forms of imagery including the basic level products from various sensor platforms such as Landsat, QuickBird and IKONOS. This session includes some advanced topics on image processing and will introduce you to raster types and raster functions that are used to manage data in mosaic datasets. In this session you will learn recommended workflows for building mosaic datasets from various sensor data and the custom capability of raster types and raster functions.
Time: Thurs 10:15-11:30, room 15 A


Technical Session – 20 min

Image processing in ArcGIS
Type: Technical Session (20 min)
Presenter: Melanie H.
Description: Image processing is a fundamental capability in ArcGIS. Learn how you can do image processing, using the geoprocessing framework, on-the-fly using functions, and with a click or two in the user interface.
Time: Wed 8:55-9:15, room 6 A

System architecture for large image services
Type: Technical Session (20 min)
Presenter: Vinay V.
Description: Understanding how to design a large image service is important for the clients and you. Learn about considerations for improving the speed and access to the clients, and how to combine multiple image formats. Learn what can cause an image service to run slower than expected and how to avoid those pitfalls.
Time: Wed 9:20-9:40, room 6 A

Performing Image Classification
Type: Technical Session (20 min)
Presenters: Xuguang W and Kevin J.
Time: Tues 8:30-8:50, room 6 B

Demo Theater – 20 min

Image Classification in ArcGIS
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Xuguang W.
Description: The Image Classification toolbar provides a user-friendly environment for creating training samples and signature files for supervised classification. Learn about using this toolbar and the workflow to perform supervised classification with your multi-spectral imagery.
Time: Tues 2:30-3:00, DT: Spatial Analysis Island

Georeferencing imagery
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Simon W.
Description: Often imagery is available, but it is not projected or the projection isn’t defined correctly. Learn about when and how to georeference your raster dataset.
Time: Tues 12:00-12:30, DT: GDB Island
Wed 9:00-9:30, DT: GDB Island

Creating a mosaic dataset
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Sangeet M.
Description: Managing and processing your imagery using a mosaic dataset is highly recommended. Learn about the Mosaic Dataset toolset and the workflow to create a mosaic dataset.
Time: Tues 9:30-10:00, DT: GDB Island
Thurs 9:00-9:30, DT: GDB Island

Using the Image Analysis window
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Jie Z.
Description: The Image Analysis window brings many tools together to analyze and exploit imagery in ArcMap. Learn about the various display and processing capabilities this window provides.
Time: Tues 4:00-4:30, DT: GDB Island
Wed 3:30-4:00, DT: GDB Island

Using an image service in Desktop
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Sangeet M.
Description: Image services often behave like their source data. Learn how you can use an image service like a raster dataset or like a mosaic dataset. Learn about the specific properties, such as compression, and how to display footprints, make selections, and download source images.
Time: Wed 10:00-10:30, DT: Web & Server Island

Color correcting imagery
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Jie Z.
Description: Color correction is visually appealing when viewing a collection of images, since ideally you can’t easily identify each unique image. Learn about the different options for color correcting imagery.
Time: Tues 3:30-4:00, DT: GDB Island
Wed 11:00-11:30, DT: GDB Island

Esri’s Landsat services for analysis and exploration
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Ben C.
Description: Esri provides access to several epochs of Landsat imagery from the 1070’s to 2000’s. It includes imagery from the MSS, TM, and ETM sensors. These services can also be accessed from http://changematters.esri.com/, where you can explore the imagery and some image products using this web application.
Time: Tues 1:30-2:00, DT: Web & Server Island

Optimizing image access
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Vinay V.
Description: Learn about considerations for improving the behavior of image services. Such as how functions can affect the image service, how pyramids and overviews can improve performance, and so on.
Time: Wed 12:00-12:30, DT: Imagery Island

Using mosaic datasets and image services for serving and working with elevation data
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenters: Cody B. and Melanie H.
Description: Many elevation dataset collections encompass data from different sensors, or different resolutions, in different areas of the world, and so on. This session will explain what you need to consider and how to combine all your elevation sources into one manageable using a mosaic dataset.
Time: Thurs 12:00-12:30, DT: Imagery island

Advantages of using a mosaic dataset to publish an image service
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Joe R.
Description: This presentation will highlight the power of functionality of an image service generated from a mosaic dataset, such as querying, mosaic methods, and time.
Time: Tues 4:30-5:00, DT: Imagery Island

Serving large collections of tiled imagery
Type: Demo Theater (20 min)
Presenter: Hong X.
Description: Tiled imagery is a traditional deliverable and common format, such as digital orthophoto quads. Learn the steps to manage and serve these collections.
Time: Tues 11:30-12:00, DT: Imagery Island



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