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GeoDev Joins the Esri Portland, ME R&D Center for a HackerLab and Meetup


Tomorrow the #Esri #GeoDev team will be hosting our free four-hour hands-on HackerLab at the Esri R&D Center in Portland, ME. Later, we will be joining Jeff Jackson and his team in presenting some lightning talks in the evening at … Continue reading

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Stay Connected to the Hydro Community with an RSS Feed

Hydro Blog RSS Feed

by Lara Saikali, Cartographic Product Engineer, Esri. Several community resource centers are available through the ArcGIS Resource Center, including a page dedicated specifically to Hydrology. The Hydrology Resource Center is an online community center that promotes hydro information products created … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 Beta 1

The beta 1 release of ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 is now available.  If you have pre-registered for the beta program you should have gotten an email with instructions on how to download the beta software.  If you have not yet joined the program go to the new ArcGIS Beta Community site and sign up today.


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Beta 1 for ArcGIS 10.1

It’s beta 1 time for ArcGIS 10.1 if you have pre-registered for the beta program you should have gotten an email with instructions on how to download the beta software.  If you have not yet joined the program go to the new ArcGIS Beta Community site and sign up today.


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Printing wall maps from the World Topographic Community basemap

By Aileen Buckley, Mapping Center Lead

Printing Wall Maps thumbnail

I recently printed a wall map from the World Topographic Community Basemap, and I thought some of you might also like to do that to showcase your geographic location, especially if your agency contributed data to the map. The wall map can be created in ArcMap and exported to a number of formats that you can print from. Here are the steps to produce these large-format wall map layouts in ArcMap:

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Community Resources & User Conference

Hello transportation professionals, we wanted to make you aware of some links and resources that you should find useful…

User Conference:  We hope that everyone can make it to the ESRI International User Conference, July 12th – 16th in San Diego.  Not only is this a good opportunity to come up to speed on ArcGIS 10 and emerging technology, but to network and build connections as well.  You can listen to our Transportation manager Terry Bills discusses the transportation events and activities planned for the 2010 ESRI User Conference in the following podcast.

Ideas.arcgis.com:  ArcGIS Ideas is a web site that provides a way for you to share your ideas, (e.g. functionality, services and workflow) with ESRI and the entire GIS community.  It also allows the transportation community to vote and comment on ideas submitted.

User Community Forums:  Check out the Resource Center Forums where you can post technical questions and get answers from others in specific areas.  Categories are organized into products, functions, communities, solutions, and languages.  Of particular interest to you will be the Transportation User Community Forum.

Esri.com Industry Page:  Don’t forget about the Transportation Industry Page where you can find industry focused announcements, data models, newsletters, and case studies.

Email Alias:  If you have any questions about transportation related issues, feel free to email our transportation team at ArcGISTeamTransportation@esri.com


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ArcGIS Explorer Community resources

Whether you’re learning the basics of the latest release or looking to create your own add-in using the SDK, the ArcGIS Explorer Community offers a wide variety of useful information. These include this blog, the Explorer Gallery, a Media Gallery, peer-to-peer discussion and help forums, and the Knowledge Base.

Just go to the ArcGIS Explorer Resource Center and click Community.

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ArcGIS Developer: Social Media and Networking Resources

The EDN Team website now has links to all of the ESRI social networking resources for developers. 


RSS Icon Blogs

Forums Icon Forums

YouTube Icon YouTube

Delicious Icon Delicious

Facebook Icon Facebook

LinkedIn Icon Linked In

 ESRI  ESRIUC  EDN Team  (Jim Barry   Allan Laframboise   David Cardella   Andy Gup

Feel free to join in the conversations, share ideas or just listen in to see what’s going on.


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ArcGIS Developers: ESRI Social Media, Networking and Resources

The value of social media and networking today is becoming more and more important…  The true value becomes apparent when when people in the community come together, share ideas and grow from that experience.

Social media networking is the process of interacting with other individuals through the specific social media tool or community. For example, you could talk to people with similar interests in a forum or communicate with them through a platform like Twitter. 

In the past, traditional tools such as forums and blogs have been the mainstream vehicles for asking questions, interacting with others, providing feedback and publishing information to the community.

With the growth of Web 2.0 however, ESRI and the EDN Team have been helping you connect with others in the user community by using social media and participating in networks such as Twitter, Delicious, YouTube and Facebook.  While there are different use cases for each tool, the one thing they all have in common is that they allow us to share information, discover others in the community with similar needs and interests and provide some type of feedback.

So, if you are interested in connecting with us and others in the online community, asking questions, participating in the conversations, sharing ideas or just seeing what’s going on, be sure to visit the new EDN page.  Here you will find all of our social media resources and links in one location so you can get connected too.  You’ll also find the ESRI.com resources

In addition to these quick links, you’ll find access and tools for interacting with other users and sharing your work and ideas throughout the ArcGIS Resource Centers.



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ArcGIS Developer: New name for the ArcObjects Blog

The “ArcObjects Development Blog” has been renamed and is now the “ArcGIS Developer Blog”.   

In this blog, you can expect to find similar posts, but they’ll now have a wider “ArcGIS developer” focus.  This means you’ll find more developer content in the form of How To<’>s and Did you know articles, resource summaries, and highlights about activity in the ArcGIS developer community. 

You’ll also be happy to know that the RSS feed hasn’t changed, so there’s no need to re-subscribe. 

As always, we encourage feedback, so feel free to leave suggestions for future articles as well as comments on posts. 

We’ll also be posting a number of new ArcGIS developer polls, so stay tuned.

Thanks in advance for participating in the online ArcGIS developer community. 

EDN Team




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