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React Redux: Building Modern Web Apps with the ArcGIS JS API


I would like to share my experience building a React Redux app with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (ArcGIS JS API). It is exciting how well these work together. I will also share some boilerplate source code to help you … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Mobile 10 Code Samples

The Mobile Development Team has created a new group inside of ArcGIS.com to host code samples that you can download and use. The group is called ArcGIS Mobile Code Samples and with our initial upload it includes the following samples:

  • Customized Data Collection – this is a custom task that extends the data collection workflow for the Windows Mobile application. Using this sample you can treat the collection of the shape of a feature as if it is another attribute you want to collect.
  • Picasa – this sample illustrates how you can use the core ArcGIS Mobile SDK and the Picasa API to capture and upload photos and videos.
  • Rangefinder – this sample augments the ArcGIS Mobile applications’ data collection workflow so that you can use a laser range finder to collect the location features.
  • Routing – using the ArcGIS Online routing service you can route to a GIS feature from your current location and get driving directions.
  • Waypoint Navigation – being able to navigate “as the crow flies” is a useful tool when working in the field. This sample illustrates how you can navigate to a feature from your current location using a bearing and distance.
  • Show XY – displays your current LAT/LONG position that is fed from the GPS receiver in your device on top of the map.
  • Save User ID – this sample illustrates how you can use your current user id (associated with the field crew task) to auto-populate an attribute value for a given field.

Please bookmark our group in ArcGIS.com and check back frequently as you will see many more samples coming soon.


Mobile Team

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