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Density-based Clustering: Exploring Fatal Car Accident Data to Find Systemic Problems


You may not be surprised to learn that transportation in the United States is dominated by automobiles. Of all the miles traveled by American passengers in 2016, 86% occurred in cars (BTS 2017). But did you know that fatal automobile … Continue reading

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Thematic point clustering for data exploration

Clustering in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is enabled outside the renderer, so clusters retain renderer properties and summarize the variable of interest on a cluster-by-cluster basis. In the example above, New York City 311 calls are visualized by the time of day each incident was reported. Cluster colors indicate the predominant time of day incidents were reported among features comprising the cluster.

Extracting meaningful information from large or dense point datasets can be challenging. Sometimes many points aren’t visible because they’re stacked on top of one another. Some datasets contain sparse data in some locations, but very dense data in others. Visualizations … Continue reading

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Clustering in ArcGIS Online Enables Data Exploration (September 2017)


Have you ever had a dataset that contains too many points to see a clear pattern at the scale you wish to view your map? With today’s new release of ArcGIS Online, clustering is now available to help in this … Continue reading

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100,000 points to nowhere: Cluster points to streamline maps

Pie chart clusters

The first post in this series explained why it’s not typically a great idea to try to plot huge amounts of data on a map. When a map layer contains a very large number of point features (10,000+), displaying each point … Continue reading

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Using Social Media to #tag @your Map


Wondering what people are talking about in an area?  Would it be a nice addition to the data on your map?  We’ve got you covered! With the Social Media template, your web app can display what people are saying through … Continue reading

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