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Impervious Surface Mapping using Pro 1.4 – Part 1: Georeferencing


ArcGIS Pro combines powerful image processing, analysis and visualization capabilities with a practical user interface to enable efficient project workflows.  The Imagery tab is the home for image processing workflows and tasks, such as georeferencing and image classification.

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Hands-on experience with the Image Classification Wizard (ArcGIS Pro 1.3)

Image Classification Wizard

This blog post will give you a brief hands-on experience with the Image Classification Wizard in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.  Image classification is the task of extracting information classes from a raster image. The results of an image classification can be … Continue reading

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Classifying aerial video on the fly


Here’s a pretty cool workflow for classifying video collected from a plane or UAV. What follows is a quick and dirty approach that is designed to give you a first look at what’s on the ground. Step 1 – Capture … Continue reading

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Pass the classification but hold the salt and pepper!

cir segment

ArcGIS has improved its suite of classification tools including advanced algorithms and the ability to segment an image. Segmentation looks at neighboring pixels and groups them together if they share the same spectral characteristics and it can also understand the … Continue reading

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