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CityEngine unveils mobile Virtual Reality solution

CityEngine 2016 Logo

We are excited to announce a mobile VR solution for urban planners, architects, and GIS professionals. With the latest version of CityEngine, we offer the ability to simply and quickly create VR experiences on mobile devices. You can view these … Continue reading

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CityEngine 2016.1 released

CityEngine 2016 Logo

With the CityEngine 2016.1 release, we’ve added many cool new features such as an OpenStreetMap-ready rule set, revised Inspector with faster user interface, and an enhanced Alembic exporter. OpenStreetMap-ready CGA rule We’ve added procedural rules for OpenStreetMap (OSM) buildings. The … Continue reading

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Game-changing CityEngine 2016 released

CityEngine 2016 Logo

CityEngine 2016 has arrived.  With the CityEngine 2016 release, we have introduced some game-changing new features that will make your 3D content creation world quite a bit easier. Build cities in minutes with ‘Get map data’ interface We present the … Continue reading

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What’s New in the Scene Viewer (June 2016)


The latest release to ArcGIS Online has brought along many new enhancements to the scene viewer and support for new layers. We have made some changes to the interface to improve the experience within the app and your feedback from your comments … Continue reading

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CityEngine 2015.2 released!

RenderMan export upgrade

Introducing Esri CityEngine 2015.2! In this minor release, we present some enhancements such as Reporting Dashboards, improved KML and WGS84 support, better RenderMan export, and many others.  See the release notes for full details. Reporting Dashboards With reporting in CityEngine, … Continue reading

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Tour the Star Wars Galaxy

Tie Fighter

A long time ago. . . On May 25, 1977, the greatest movie ever made was released. On May 19, 1999, the adventure started all over again. On December 18, 2015, the journey continues. Naturally, I am talking about Star … Continue reading

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CityEngine 2015.0 released!


If you haven’t heard the exciting news yet, Esri CityEngine 2015.0 released in April and is available for download from the customer care portal.  The new release includes dynamic new features and enhancements: Introducing ‘Procedural Handles’ for a unique and intuitive … Continue reading

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Lossless CityGML support in ArcGIS


We have recently released new tools that provide lossless, automated import and export capability for 21 CityGML feature classes to and from the 3D City Information Model. CityGML is widely used around the world for storing and exchanging virtual 3D … Continue reading

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CityEngine 2014.1 released!


As promised, here is another CityEngine release for this year. We are happy to announce CityEngine 2014.1, available for download from the customer care portal. This version introduces some new exciting functionality, many enhancements and is even more stable than the … Continue reading

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How we created the CityEngine Web Scene for the March 2014 Oso Landslide

Oso Landslide Web Scene: Before and After

On the morning of Saturday, March 22, 2014, a major landslide occurred near the city of Oso, Washington, instantly devastating the Steelhead community in its path and drastically altering the landscape. Esri’s Disaster Response Team quickly published a set of … Continue reading

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