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Even Schrodinger thinks this blog is alive (Intro to charts, part 3)


My human left the puzzle box out again! What a great place to have a nap. It looks like the box will fit about 50% of my data, which is the perfect size. My human knows how I love a … Continue reading

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Three statisticians walk into a bar (Intro to charts, part 2)


Three statisticians walk into a bar. The first one orders five drinks, the second one orders one drink, and the third one orders three drinks. The bartender fills the orders for the first and second statisticians, but not for the third one.  “You’ll have to … Continue reading

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Create Beautiful Infographics with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt and Qt Charts

QML Maps and Charts

One of the great things about our ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt is that we provide an API that seamlessly plugs into a rich framework that is platform agnostic and has nearly endless possibilities for what you can create. This … Continue reading

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The New “Make Chart” Button for Producing Paper Nautical Charts

makechartbtnAs hydrographic offices around the world are well aware, creating a paper nautical chart that adheres to IHO S-4 standards is a labor intensive and time consuming process.  For that reason, the Esri Maritime team has developed a tool that works with the ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting 10.1 product that automates the initial production workflow for creating a paper nautical chart.  Continue reading

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New ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting 10.1 tutorials available!

Two new ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting 10.1 tutorials have been posted to ArcGIS Online. They focus on different aspects of the solution, namely ENC production and paper chart production. Continue reading

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Adding charts and graphs to note popups with HTML

As mentioned in previous posts popups are an excellent and easy way to add content to your map.  Popups are found on notes as well as views and can be used to display a variety of information such as text, photos, web sites, videos, and more. 

Using HTML you can display formatted and non-formatted text strings, as well as more advanced things such as images and even graphs.  Suppose I’ve highlighted a section of my map with an area note that overlaps some of my own data or data coming from ArcGIS Online (census information, for example).  You may want to display a summary of that information in the note popup using HTML and a chart API. Here we’re using the Google chart API to accomplish that.

The HTML to make this note is relatively simple and looks like this:

In the first line we add the title “Gender” in bold. After adding a blank line we create our chart popup image by calling the Google chart API using the following parameters:

cht – chart type (p3 for pie chart)
chd – chart data (t is for text encoding, followed by the data to be used as percentages)
chs – chart size in pixels
chl – chart labels

Then we add a few more blank lines followed by a similar syntax for charting age.

It can be tedious to enter this information by hand, so you may find it easier to add this type of content via an Add-In.  The Query Demographics sample in the SDK Help demonstrates how to programmatically query census information from ArcGIS Online and create the chart content above.

(Submitted by: Larry Young, ArcGIS Explorer Team)

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