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Mega-Easy Coastal Stipple Effect


Ah the days of old, our field bursting with artists plying their craft, creating maps of breathtaking imagination and technique. Just window shop here for a moment to fall into the eye-watering depths of cartographic charm. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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Virtualizing ArcGIS Pro: Nvidia GRID Tesla M60


The Esri Performance Engineering team has been benchmarking ArcGIS Pro in the virtualized environments using shareable GPU’s for a number of years.  We have published a series of articles in order to assist our users in understanding the technology as … Continue reading

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Save, Share and Quickly Apply Map Settings

When it comes to map production one of the most common challenges is to manage all of your organization’s mapping standards. Esri Production Mapping’s views helps address this challenge. With views you’re able to save your data frame and layer properties to the geodatabase and apply them at any time in ArcMap. This ensures production staff are utilizing the latest and greatest map settings defined by your organization, and promotes standardization and consistency across your map products.

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A Spatially Enabled Document Management System

We all know managing spatial data, map products, and documents are critical to the success of any GIS work being performed. When producing many versions of your map documents and outputs, current databases and file systems are not well equipped to simultaneously manage these. And it can be a daunting task to manage changes to these files, including knowing which version is the latest and being able to access historical versions if necessary. Also, conflicts may arise when files are not centrally managed which can compromise a schedule or budget, introduce unnecessary risks, and jeopardize the success of your work. Typically, you would use the geodatabase for spatial data storage and management, SharePoint for document management, and maybe a file server for your map product management. If you’re looking for one tool that could do all of these and more, you are reading the right blog post!

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What makes up Production Mapping?

In a previous blog topic we provided an introduction to Esri Production Mapping and its benefits. Now that you know what sorts of organizational challenges are solved by using Production Mapping, let’s talk about some of the key capabilities that allow you to produce high quality geospatial data and maps faster and with fewer resources.

We all know that a generic production workflow consists of four main stages – collecting, editing/updating, reviewing data, and producing the final output (which may be data in another format or cartographic products). While ArcGIS provides a number of tools to produce geospatial data and maps, there are not many tools to automate or standardize the production processes and to ensure consistency and repeatability while also keeping track of work in progress. Esri Production Mapping extends ArcGIS Desktop to support the production stages by providing tools to manage workflows, perform advanced editing and intelligent attribution, ensure data quality, and produce high-end cartographic products. These tools are flexible, allowing you to configure them to suit your industry- or your organization-specific requirements. We hope that providing an overview of the major functionality will help you understand what makes up Esri Production Mapping. Today’s topic will also serve as the starting point for future topics where we will discuss these functionalities in more detail.

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Making Data and Map Production Better and Faster with Esri Production Mapping

For our first Production Mapping blog topic, we wanted to talk about what is this product named “Esri Production Mapping” and how does it help users? Let me first set the stage by talking about the common challenges that GIS organizations are facing today and then go on to describe Production Mapping’s role in solving these.

We all know that GIS organizations make up the core of the geospatial infrastructure, creating the foundational spatial information for GIS systems. These organizations are essentially the ‘authoritative content producers’ who have the responsibility of providing high quality, accurate geospatial data and maps that other organizations, and sometimes even lives, depend on.

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2009 Esri User Conference

By Aileen Buckley, Mapping Center Lead

UC 2009 Logo

Most of the Mapping Center Team will be at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego, California over the next week (July 11-17). If you’re there, look for us in the following presentations:

  • The One Minute Cartographer – Aileen Buckley and Mamata Akella
  • Map Use Book Series – A. Jon Kimerling and Aileen Buckley
  • Local Government Basemaps using ArcGIS – Charlie Frye and others (Scott Oppmann and Steve Grise) Continue reading
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