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Visualizing Player Movement in Sport using 3D Web GIS

Diorama Of Player Movement

In this blog I present a Diorama of Player Movement using ArcScene and Esri’s CityEngine Web Viewer. This unique 3D GIS visualization helps better understand the interaction of the spatial and temporal components of optical player tracking data and offers an … Continue reading

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A Dark Canvas for Bright People


Esri has released a new Dark Gray Canvas basemap (as a beta) for its customers, partners and developers to use. Developed from the Light Gray Canvas basemap, the Dark Gray Canvas version opens up an opportunity to use a different type … Continue reading

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Zombie US

Zombie US

Some maps require a ton of research. Some maps require a lifetime of study. Some maps require a boatload of data. Some maps tell a story. Some maps tell an even better story. And some maps are about zombies. This … Continue reading

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Favorite tools and resources for cartographers

County Color Scheme

This post is a compilation of some of the most popular tools and sources of information about maps and cartographic design. These links were originally posted on the Esri Mapping Center site several years ago, but are updated below. Blogs & … Continue reading

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Using spatial analytics to study spatio-temporal patterns in sport

3D spatial analysis tennis

By Damien Demaj Late last year I introduced ArcGIS users to sports analytics, an emerging and exciting field within the GIS industry. Using ArcGIS for sports analytics can be read here. Recently I expanded the work by using a number … Continue reading

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Updated Canvas Basemap Template Available

Canvas Template

A map template for the light gray canvas basemap and reference map is now available in ArcGIS Online and the Community Maps Resource Center. (UPDATE July 10, 2015: dark gray template also available now) The Light Gray Canvas Map Template … Continue reading

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Over the edge 3D: designing the deaths in Grand Canyon map

Grand Canyon thumbnail

This blog entry explores a little of the design, authoring and publishing approaches we took when creating a map of all known deaths in Grand Canyon. Actually it’s two maps…a print map and a web map and we’ll think about the different design and technical constraints we dealt with and opportunities we were able to leverage with the different mediums to make each version work effectively as an information product. We also share the style files and other components so you can try out some of the 3D cartographic effects yourself. Continue reading

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Using ArcGIS for sports analytics


By Damien Demaj, Cartographer The statistical component of sport has always provided a fascinating way to analyze performance and success. This might simply be the final score, but for some sports, such as football, baseball, cricket, golf and tennis, meaningful … Continue reading

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Telling thematic stories in ArcGIS Online

By Kenneth Field (Research Cartographer), Damien Demaj (ArcGIS Online Cartography) and Linda Beale (Geoprocessing)

Telling thematic stories in ArcGIS OnlineAt the 2012 Esri Education GIS Conference and the 2012 Esri International User Conference, we demonstrated how you can build informative thematic maps using the ArcGIS System.  The purpose of the sessions was to take relatively simple datasets and create a range of alternative thematic map types that told a story in different ways.  This demonstrated the techniques for creating the maps using ArcGIS for Desktop as our authoring environment and ArcGIS Online as our publishing mechanism.  As the XXX Olympiad is currently taking place in London, UK we illustrated how alternative maps can be made to tell different stories of the relative success of nations over the period since the first Olympic games in 1896. Continue reading

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Using a binning technique for point-based multiscale web maps

By Kenneth Field, Esri Research Cartographer

Presenting point-based data on a web map is challenging because of the problem of overlapping symbology, particularly as you zoom out of the map to view data at smaller scales. So-called push-pin web maps are very easy to make with ArcGIS Online but making the map make visual sense at the smaller scales requires a little more work.  In this blog entry we illustrate how data binning can be used to aggregate large point-based datasets into hexagonal polygons to overcome the problem and improve the web map across all scales.

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