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Dark Gray Canvas expands coverage


Our most recent map update greatly expands the large scale coverage of the Dark Gray Canvas Base and Reference layers. Europe, including Russia, was added at scales ~1:288k down to ~1:9k (levels 11 to 16). This is the first ArcGIS.com basemap … Continue reading

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Dark Gray Canvas basemap now available for your use


Just as the dark sky at night allows the stars and nebula to shine, a new basemap from Esri allows you to create exciting new maps of your data. The Dark Gray Canvas basemap is now available on our production servers … Continue reading

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Africa expansion highlights latest AGOL basemap updates


As home to over 1 billion people, Africa is the world’s second most populous continent. As part of our continuing roll out providing global map coverage at the largest scales, Africa is our latest update for the ArcGIS.com basemaps. Detailed … Continue reading

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A Dark Canvas for Bright People: Update


Recently we blogged about a beta service for a Dark Gray Canvas basemap, available for you to try out and comment on, prior to a full release as an Esri Basemap. That blog can be found here. The original release … Continue reading

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A Dark Canvas for Bright People


Esri has released a new Dark Gray Canvas basemap (as a beta) for its customers, partners and developers to use. Developed from the Light Gray Canvas basemap, the Dark Gray Canvas version opens up an opportunity to use a different type … Continue reading

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Updated World Basemaps for Australia and New Zealand


By Andrew Green, Basemap Project Manager From Middle Earth to the middle of the Outback, the basemaps for New Zealand and Australia have been updated on ArcGIS.com. Both countries offer a plethora of geographic and geologic wonders stretching from Australia’s … Continue reading

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Heat Up Your Webmaps


Looking to create a colorful heat-map using the ArcGIS JavaScript API? A beautiful heat-map is just a layer away using the heatmap.js library. This open source library developed by Patrick Wied uses JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas to draw ridiculously good-looking … Continue reading

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Light Gray Canvas map updated

Countries in red have additional detail from 1:72k scale to 1:9k scale

The ArcGIS Online team released a significant update to the light gray canvas basemap, to make it much more useful for thematic maps of subjects throughout the world. The canvas basemap focuses attention on your thematic content by providing a … Continue reading

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Canvas Map Color Styles

By Jaynya Richards, Esri Research Cartographer

Canvas Map Color Styles thumbnail

In this blog entry, we announce a new set of color styles that you can apply to your operational overlays or to additional reference layers when using the Esri Light Gray Canvas Basemap. We created these styles to provide you with additional resources designed specifically with the Light Gray Canvas Basemap in mind.

Continue reading

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Using the new neutral canvas map as a basemap- now!

The newly announced neutral canvas basemap will soon appear in the ArcGIS.com map viewer and Explorer Online basemap galleries. It’s already appeared in the ArcGIS Desktop basemap gallery and should appear in the viewer galleries early next week. But how do you use the Light Gray Canvas map as a basemap now? Continue reading

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