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Business Analyst Online Reports Add-In for ArcGIS Desktop

Some great news to share with ArcGIS Desktop users… we’ve just released a new Add-In for ArcGIS Desktop called the ESRI Business Analyst Online Reports Add-In. This add-in gives you access to high quality data from ESRI’s Updated Demographic and Business Data products right inside ArcGIS Desktop. GIS professionals in public and private sectors can use this data to assist with decisions such as evaluating areas for community needs, planning for future growth, targeting potential sites for expansion or consolidation, etc…

The Business Analyst Online Reports Add-In connects ArcGIS Desktop to reports and data from Business Analyst Online, a web application hosted by ESRI. Using any polygon layer in your ArcMap table of contents, you can select one (or more) of the 35 reports available, choose a report format (PDF or XLS), and within a few seconds, get a presentation quality report that summarizes the demographics for the area. You can even choose to append the data back to the attributes of the map layer so that you can use it in ArcMap.

Getting started is simple…

  1. Install it
  2. Activate your free 7 day trial

In addition, you also have access to the Business Analyst Online web application allowing you to search for businesses, thematically map areas, create trade areas, compare sites, create customized reports, and more.

The Business Analyst Online Reports Add-In is a free download from the Resource Center. A 7-day trial of basic reports is available to all users and annual subscriptions can be purchased online.

The Business Analyst Online Add-In is available for ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 and ArcGIS Desktop 10 now.

Content provided by Lucy Guerra

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New in Business Analyst 10

ArcGIS Desktop has several extensions…  Extension products let you add more capabilities to ArcGIS Desktop. 

The Business Analyst team has posted some information on what you can expect with Business Analyst 10 on the ArcGIS Desktop blog so go check it out.


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What's Coming in Business Analyst 10

Perform Your Work More Efficiently

  • The user interface & toolbars for Business Analyst are being re-designed & re-organized to focus on helping you solve problems quickly, rather than being focused merely on tools and functions.
  • A new, dockable Business Analyst Window keeps common tasks and tools at-the-ready. You can easily add favorite commands, access project files, and run batch tasks.
  • Access & download new solutions-based “workflows” for commonly performed tasks from the Business Analyst Resource Center.

Access Information More Quickly and Easily

  • The new Business Analyst Message Center lets you quickly access recently used projects and maps, connect to the Business Analyst Blog and Forum, stay up to date with news about Business Analyst, view ‘How To’ videos, access Help, check for software updates, and send feedback to the Business Analyst team.
  • Color-Coded Maps toolbar lets you quickly create thematic maps on-the-fly.
  • Enhanced Business Search introduces a new way to search and filter for competitors so that you display exactly what you want, and not what you don’t want.
  • Reports have a new look and feel that makes them easier to read, on-screen and in print.

Bring in Your Own Data More Easily

  • Bring in your own data using a re-designed, more intuitive data setup tool and create Business Analyst Datasource (BDS) files to allow your data to interact with the data and analysis tools already in Business Analyst.

Save Time

  • Set up analysis to run in the background while you work on something else in Business Analyst.
  • Significant performance improvements in how demographic calculations are made and drive time polygons are created mean getting results faster.

Access More Information

  • Access ESRI Demographic Updates earlier than ever through seamless integration with Business Analyst Online reports.
  • More data and reports included to help with your analysis: Retail MarketPlace for information on supply and demand for products and services, Net Worth, Disposable Income, and Business Summary.

 Content provided by James Killick and Lucy Guerra


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The shakedown on the ShakeOut

Yesterday nearly 5 million Californians living near the San Andreas fault participated in an earthquake disaster preparedness drill called the ShakeOut, which we mentioned in our post yesterday. The earthquake scenario included a 7.8-magnitude earthquake along a 190-mile stretch of the fault starting at the Salton Sea and stretching northwest.

To understand the demographics of the most impacted areas in the scenario, we opened the USGS earthquake simulation shake intensity map (published as a KML) and added it to Explorer. Here’s the view of the quake intensity map looking north along the southern California Coast. The red areas are the areas with the highest predicted intensity.

We used the Business Reports task (powered by ESRI’s Business Analyst Online), available on the Explorer Resource Center, to delineate the boundary around the highest intensity areas. We used that boundary to generate the report, shown here:

The graphic demographic profile is the one we chose, and there are many different kinds of reports to choose from (some are free, some require a subscription). The report showed that over 6 million households are located in the high intensity area, roughly evenly distributed by age and income, with %50 of the owner occupied homes having a value greater than $400,000, and %40 having a value of greater than $500,000.

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